Automatic Cat Food Dispenser
For Wet and Dry Food

Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Convenient and hygienic, an automatic cat food dispenser is a device that protects your dry cat food from becoming stale.

You can prevent contamination (by insects) by keeping the food in a plastic container that resembles an upside-down ½ gallon or gallon jug of milk.

The container attaches to a feeding dish and an opening at the bottom of the container continuously provides the dish with a sufficient supply of food.

As your cat empties the dish by eating the cat kibble, the force of gravity in the dispenser allows food to flow into the dish as needed.

Le Bistro Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

This Le Bistro Electronic Portion Control Feeder is simple to use. The electronic display allows you to set portion sizes, frequency of meals and see how many meals are left in the dispenser.

This feeder can handle dry food nuggets up to 3/4" in diameter.

Its battery operated which means it can be placed anywhere in your home.

You can use an automatic cat food dispenser to feed cats when you leave on short vacations or work long hours away from home. These cat food dispensers come in several different sizes to accommodate the amount of food needed by a cat.

In addition automatic watering fountains give cats a continuous water supply when owners are not around to fill water bowls.

Another reason why this kind of food dispenser is used is to mandate portion control. House cats that don't go outside because they have been declawed may turn to food as a way to combat boredom if they are not sufficiently stimulated.

As a result, you may unknowingly keep filling an empty food bowl thinking the cat is hungry when the cat is really just indulging in “emotional” eating.

What inevitably occurs is an unhealthy, overweight cat that may develop conditions detrimental to a long and healthy life.

An automatic cat food dispenser is equipped with programmable timers and operates using electricity or batteries.

You don't have to remember whether they have fed your cat too much by allowing the dispenser to control portion amounts and provide food only at certain times of the day.

Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

This PetSafe® Eatwell Automatic Pet Feeder is great for wet and dry cat food. You can load up to 5 portions of food into the containers.

You then set the timer for when each meal should become available.

The clear window revolves around revealing each meal portion in turn..

PetSafe® Eatwell 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

If you live in the country with barns on your property, these food dispensers are great to use in barns where many cats may live for rodent control purposes.

Dry cat food kept in plastic containers remains clean, fresh and always available to mousers who need a lot of calories in order to perform their job efficiently.

Benefits of an Automatic Cat Food Dispenser:-

  • Easy to refill, with detachable dispenser and dish
  • Easy to clean
  • Equipped with anti-jamming feature
  • Tip proof
  • Made of durable plastic materials
  • Safe to use/contains no dangerous parts
  • Lightweight

Although a cat food dispenser is convenient and prevents messes, you should never leave your cat for frequent, long periods without supervision and companionship.

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not do well with being left alone all the time and will begin “acting out” when emotionally neglected.

All pets, whether it is a dog, cat, bird or rabbit, need consistent love and attention from their owners to maintain excellent mental and physical health.

Feeding Guidelines for Cats

Another myth attributed to cats is that they are picky eaters. Cats are not picky eaters.

They will eat when hungry and may seem “picky” only if they are ill.

If a cat does not eat food that he normally eats, he may be suffering from worms, a urinary tract infection, and respiratory illness or in the case of outdoor cats, he may have eaten something that just did not agree with him.

Basic guidelines for feeding cats include:

  • Never feed felines wet or dry dog food. Dog food does not contain the same nutrients that cat food does and will produce symptoms of vitamin deficiencies in cats.
  • Some cats are lactose intolerant so observe the cat after giving him small amounts of yogurt, cheese or cottage cheese
  • Cat treats should comprise less than 20 percent of a cat's daily diet
  • Beware of giving your cat uncooked fish or pork. Worms, bacterial diseases and nutritional deficiencies may sicken your pet.
  • A condition that may discourage a cat from eating is the location of the food bowl. Loud noises, other pets and unsettling distractions can disturb some cats to the point of making them too nervous to eat. In addition, some cats will not eat out of a dish too close to their litter box.

When using an automated cat food dispenser for dry food, remember that cats need wet food and water as well.

If your cat doesn't like drinking water, make sure to provide wet cat food. Wet food supplements the water amount in their diet as it contains around 96 percent water.

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