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An automatic cat litter box is a great way to provide a fresh smelling and clean living environment for you and your pet.

A major concern for pet owners who have indoor cats has always been the litter box. No one wants his or her house to smell like the inside of a litter box!

That can be hard to do if you have to keep one indoors.

If you don’t have an automatic litter box chances are that you feel like you’re always cleaning it. Fortunately, an automatic cat box may be just the product that can help you out.

The Solution

The problem of keeping your home clean and fresh is an ongoing battle among cat owners that has been going on for decades.

The solution to the often pungent and offensive smell of a traditional litter box is a new automatic cat litter box. While they range in price and level of sophistication, all of them are alike in that they will help make your life easier when it comes to that most unpleasant task of keeping the litter box clean.

Not only are these boxes great for alleviating the unpleasant litter box smell but they also keep your pet from tracking dirty litter throughout your home by constantly removing unclean litter from the box.

Buying an Automatic Kitty Litter Box

  • Littermaid is a popular brand name and units come in a few varieties, has a good range from $93+.
  • Litter Robot (pictured below) is the Ferrari of automatic cat litter boxes. With a fully automated litter sifting and disposal system. The price tag reflects this, but many cat owners swear by it! Available at Litter and Litter for European residents.
  • Litter Spinner is perhaps what you might call the cheaper imitation of the Litter Robot, available from $100+.
Litter Robot Automatic Cat Litter Box

How an Automatic Litter Box Works

Having an automatic cat litter box doesn’t absolve you of the task of removing the waste; it just makes it infinitely easier! The automatic boxes have sensors that trigger when your pet enters the box and uses it.

Once your kitty is finished relieving itself, the machine automatically filters the contents, removing any feces and clumps of dirty litter and stores it in a tray beneath the litter box.

You will still have to remove the feces in the tray, but you will no longer have to pick through all the litter yourself -- and because the dirty litter is always self cleaned, your cat is less likely to track anything around in your home.

The Advantages

There are many advantages that come with automatic boxes:-

  • The daily unpleasant task of removing feces and dirty litter from your cats litter box no longer an issue; all you have to do is empty the tray underneath where the feces is located.
  • Because the machine filters on a regular basis you have much less smell to contend with, allowing you to live in a fresher atmosphere.
  • Automatic litter boxes can be left for long weekends or even up to a week before they have to be emptied. This means you can go on vacation without worrying about your cat's tray overflowing with waste.
  • The most efficient boxes will use less cat litter, therefore saving you money on buying litter in the long-run.

Some Disadvantages

Unfortunately, a few disadvantages do exist when it comes to these automatic boxes.

  • While many cats go unaffected by the change, others do not take well to the noise made by the machine and will refuse to use it. 
  • Automatic boxes also require that you buy premium clumping litter in order for them to be able to remove the feces efficiently.

If you just buy cheap litter, you’re going to have a mess on your hands. Depending on your budget, pricing may end up being an issue. Not only will you pay more for the litter, you will have to spend at least a $100 for a very basic automatic cat litter box. If you want one of the more sophisticated models, you’ll likely spend closer to $200 or more.

Health Benefits of an Automatic Cat Litter Box

When it comes to owning an automatic litter box, you also stand to reap additional health benefits for both you and your furry friend. Your cat will have a reduced risk of toxoplasmosis when using an automatic litter box. Toxoplasma gondii is often a component in cat feces and doesn’t become infectious until five days after feces leave the body.

An automatic box will remove the feces long before your cat experiences exposure. E. coli is another harmful component found in cat feces and fortunately, its presence is reducible with an automatic box. A litter box that does not receive regular cleaning can also lead to urinary tract infections for your feline.

While it’s true that an automatic cat litter box is more expensive, the benefits are obvious and plentiful and making the decision to purchase this type of machine is an excellent way to invest in not only the cleanliness of your home but also the health of yourself and your animal.

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