The Best Cat Food
for Your Kitty

How do you know which is the best cat food?

Ingredients used in making the healthiest food include; animal-based proteins such as meat and organs, along with a small amount of plant-based proteins derived from vegetables and grains.

As strictly carnivorous animals, cats don't need much more than what they receive from consuming amino-acid containing animal tissues.

Cats that are allowed to roam outdoors get enough plant-based proteins from the grasses on which they chew.

In fact, this is why you might occasionally see your cat happily chewing on a few blades of grass.

Their instincts are compelling them to provide their bodies with this small supply of protein as their ancestors once did while wandering the African savannah.

kitten eating the best cat food from blue paw-print dish

Without Quality Cat Food

Without getting sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals from eating the good quality cat foods, domesticated cats will suffer from certain illnesses, such as:

  • Muscle weakness/impaired coordination
  • Diarrhea and flatulence
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Dry skin and loss of fur
  • Poor eyesight
  • Teeth and gum problems
  • Weight loss

While your cat may show a distinct preference for liver and fish, feeding them a diet of only liver and fish will result in thiamine deficiency and possible vitamin toxicity.

Canned and dry cat food contains beef and chicken ingredients in addition to liver and/or beef elements.

Another tip is to look at the cat food bag or container. It should have the phrase “complete and balanced” printed on it, as this shows that government agencies are overseeing what these companies are putting in their pet food.

Visit our best cat food brands page for more information.

Best Cat Food Diet

cat eating raw piece of meat

Feral cats eat whatever meat they can find, whether it is found in a dumpster or captured in the form of a mouse, squirrel or bird.

House cats that are regularly fed healthy cat food or special diet cat food may prey on rodents and birds for the thrill of the hunt but don't usually eat their prey.

Read more about what cats eat.

Although this type of raw cat food is probably the best natural cat food available to your cat, you may not relish the idea of fluffy ripping the flesh off a freshly killed animal. To prevent cats from engaging in this somewhat savage yet instinctual behavior, you can satisfy your cat's need for fresh meat by making your own homemade cat food.

Premium Cat Food

Varieties of cat food recipes include:

Your veterinarian may recommend a special cat food recipe if your cat requires senior cat food or has certain nutrient deficiencies.

With many cat food online recipes provided by cat lovers who have experienced similar health issues with their cats, you'll have no problem finding a particular cat food recipe designed to improve your cat's health.

Free Cat Food?

cat eating cat food from white paw-print dish

It could be said that the best food for your cat is free cat food but this is not necessarily the case. Companies frequently manufacture new types of cat food and offer free samples in order to see how well it is accepted by cat owners.

These samples can usually be ordered from the pet company's website by entering your name, address, and email address.

Recently, Fancy Feast has been marketing a form of their cat food called “Elegant Medleys” incorporating “greens” in their recipe.

For example, a can of white meat chicken has “egg soufflé” and “garden greens” along with necessary proteins and vitamins. Although this cat food is nutritious, including garden greens in the recipe is extraneous and may not appeal to some indoor/outdoor cats that get enough plant-based protein from grasses growing in their own lawns.

Making sure a cat is receiving the best cat food not only keeps them healthy and beautiful, but gives you peace of mind - you can feel good due to the care, attention and love you're providing for your cat.

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