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best cat furniture

Cat owners love to spoil their cats by giving them the best cat furniture that provides comfort as well as the ability to indulge in playtime activities.

Cats prefer sitting, resting and sleeping in a position high above ground level so feline furniture tends to involve items like a cat hammocks, cat ramps and multi-tiered cat condo furniture.

The reason why cats sit on windowsills, on top of refrigerators or bookshelves and walk along fence tops is due to their survival and predatory instincts.

Although many natural enemies of cats that stalked them millions of years ago in the primal forest are extinct, cats still seek to perch themselves in the highest places for safety reasons as well as to search for potential prey.

In order to prevent house cats from constantly knocking breakables off tables and cabinets, owners generally invest in designer pet furniture to provide cats with the height they need to feel comfortable.

The best kinds of furniture integrate sturdy places to perch, nifty places to hide, climbing trees and scratching posts.

72" Condo Scratcher Cat Tree

from: Wayfair

Unique Cat Beds

Unique Cat Beds are Items like heated cat beds, luxury cat beds, fancy cat beds and designer cat beds that are available for the cat that prefers to sleep in some place other than its owner's bed or on top of the refrigerator.

This unique green cat bed below is available at

cat bed hepper

However, since some cats may never take to a fancy cat bed that you buy especially for them, you should test your cat's preference by buying cheap cat beds before investing in something expensive.

A Heated cat bed uses embedded thermostats that are sensitive to the cat's body temperature as well as the air temperature.


These heating units automatically keep the bed about ten degrees higher than the surrounding temperature and adjusts when the cat is lying in the bed.

Additionally, some heated cat beds feature thermo-reflective elements that absorb the animal's body heat to create a warming sensation pleasant to cats.

Best Cat Furniture and Beds


Other kinds of the best cat furniture include:

Cat-Proofing Human Furniture

While cats may love their furniture, you may still experience the problem of kitty insisting on using human furniture for scratching, sleeping and spraying.

Unless you furnish your home with stainless steel furniture, chances are you will find the telltale stains or marks of a cat that has been busily marking the house with his or her distinct signature.

While the best furniture in regards to being cat-resistant would not be practical or attractive, an owner can implement several preventative measures that may reduce your cat's fascination with Grandma's antique damask sofa.

Materials that the majority of cats don't like or cannot readily destroy include:

  • Leather--It is too smooth to be good picking fabric,
  • Ultrasuede--Although cats may scratch at it, this material is made of non-fibrous polyurethane and about 65 percent polyester. It is extremely durable and will not tangle.
  • Jute--A cheap, strong and biodegradable fiber incorporated in making chair covers, rugs and curtains.
  • Olefin fiber--This synthetic material is difficult to snag.

Reupholstering furniture with any one of these fabrics may not deter cats from using them but will definitely prevent the furniture from appearing shabby chic.

Alternatively, when thinking of custom cat furniture remember that cats love the feel of silk, chenille, textured fabric and any other materials in which they can really sink their claws.

When looking for the best cat furniture that is most appealing to cats, try purchasing or making a piece of furniture covered with one of these fabrics to keep them from marking the other household furniture with their claw marks, shedding fur and, in the case of male cats, their hormones.

For more great cat furniture, visit our cat playgrounds.

Best Cat Furniture
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