Best Cat Litter
Kitty Litter Brands for Felines

Best Cat Litter

Most cat owners will agree that the best cat litter is the litter that can effectively eliminate odors.

Even though cats instinctively cover their feces after going, the smell still permeates the air in your home if the litter does not contain chemicals and/or baking soda that absorb and trap the odor.

We've all entered houses where we immediately knew the person living there had one or more cats using a litter box somewhere in the home.

This is because the person either neglects to clean the litter box regularly or the cat litter is a clay type of litter that does not contain odor-fighting elements.

Cat litter is available in the following forms:


The most popular kind of litter is the clumping litter, because when moisture enters the litter, it clumps together and forms convenient "balls" that makes it easy to clean the box.

Litter Dust

Another feature to consider when purchasing the best cat litter is the amount of dust the litter creates when pouring it into the litter box.

Clay litter tends to make a dust cloud that may irritate those with asthma or respiratory problems, in addition to coating surfaces around the area in which the litter box is located.

Cat Wee

Because of the uric acid, ammonia, chloride and creatinine constituting cat urine, the smell is pungent, lingering and presents an issue for owners with one or more house cats.

While cats should always have fresh water available for them, they do not drink as much water as dogs do, which causes their urine to be more concentrated and crystallized.

Older cats especially have the most odorous urine because their kidneys are not functioning as effectively as they did when they were younger. In addition, male cats exhibit the strongest smelling urine due to higher levels of testosterone and steroids.

Preferences for the Best Cat Litter

Some cats don't care what kind of litter fills their box, while others have a distinct preference for a certain type of cat litter. You may think the best cat litter is the one that prevents odors from lingering in your home, your cat however may think otherwise!

Although the silica crystal cat litter is probably the most effective kind of litter in regards to smell and cleanliness, many cats don't like feeling the rough texture of the crystals on their feet pads, especially declawed cats who have paws sensitive to certain materials that do not bother "clawed" cats.

According to reviews and popularity among cat owners, the best litter brands are:

For cat owners (and cats) that prefer pine, Pine cat litter can be purchased from Pets Warehouse and

Read more about Feline Pine Cat Litter and why it's the best selling all-natural litter on the market.

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Littermaid is a brand of automatic cat litter boxes that are activated upon detecting motion inside the box.

It will automatically scoop the box clean when the cat is finished with his business.

The dirty litter is then emptied into a sealed receptacle that can be thrown away. These litter boxes can be plugged in to operate on regular household electricity or energized using D-sized batteries.

LitterMaid Self Cleaning Litter Box

Determining the best litter to use also depends on how many house cats are using the litter box.

Tidy Cat Multiple Litter

Tidy Cat makes a "multiple-cat" litter that contains extra baking soda and presents less dust than other clay litters.

For homes with two or more cats, providing the cats with more than one litter box may also eliminate strong odors, as well as problems that often arise when several cats are expected to use one litter box.

Best Cat Litter
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