Best Cat Toys
for Entertaining Your Cat

best cat toys

Things have changed since I had my first cat. Nowadays it seems the best cat toys are more interactive than they used to be.

Vaguely mouse-shaped cotton objects stuffed with catnip and round balls with a jingle bell in the middle have given way to toys that are borderline high tech.

You may be used to relying on found objects around the house for entertaining your kitty, but that is all changing.

Things like balls of yarn, pieces of string or old socks once were popular, and if you wanted to spice things up a bit you could buy little bags of catnip to put inside your homemade cat toys.

The Best Interactive Cat Toys

Sometimes very basic things like mirrors made the best cat toys.

Now you can choose from a number of battery-operated toys designed to interact with your feline friend. One of the most popular is a simple laser pointer.

Just point it at the floor or walls, and watch your cat go crazy trying to capture it!

Now when you leave the house, whether it is for work or vacation, you can provide something at home to actively keep your cat company. The new breeds of toys are programmed to play with your cat so he doesn’t get as lonely when you’re absent.

Toys like laser cat toys will provide your cat with an intermittent laser target to chase around, are becoming more and more popular.

Other interactive cat toys include:

Bolt Laser Pet Toy - can be used by hand or set on a timer for up to 15 minutes of laser fun!

Best Cat Toys for You
and Your Cat

Some of the best toys for your cat are the ones that allow you to interact with your cat.

If you have ever owned a cat, especially a young one, you know what it’s like to have your hands peppered with little claw marks from a very frolicky kitten. With one of the “cat wands” on the market, you can play with your feline without getting your hands shredded in the process.

These toys range from the very basic, a simple wand with a ball attached by an elastic string, to a more elaborate toy like a brightly colored mouse stuffed with catnip and hanging from the end of an elastic cord.

Here are some of the fancier toys:

Mini Teaser Cat Wand Toy
American Classic Flying Seagull Wand
Petlinks Plume Crazy (Assorted)

Back-to-Basics Cat Toys

Not all cat toys have gone high tech. Some of the best cat toys are still very basic and require more effort to keep your cat’s attention. But even these basic toys are quite a bit fancier than the old ball of twine my cat used to bat around.

Some of these basic toys are:

Tweet Thing Cat Toy
Burlap Tunnel With Crinkle Sound for Cats
Burlap Mouse Cat Toy
SmartCat Peek-and-Play Toy Box
Best Cat Toys Feather Flips
Feathered Cat Toy parrot

A New Kind of Toy

New breeds of cat toys are designed for ethical healthy positive play for your feline friend. These toys allow your favorite pet to interact with the world around him while he plays, stimulate his senses and improve his health.

For a cat lover, few things are more satisfying or enjoyable than watching your cat at play. Interacting with your cat can also be very therapeutic. It’s tough, if not impossible, to be in a bad mood as you watch your cat jumping, flipping and twisting, chasing the laser dart that you are shining on the floor and walls.

Often the best cat toys are you, your sense of humor and your love for your feline friends.

Here is a very good article from the Humane Society on what makes the best cat toys and what not to let your cat play with. A must read for cat lovers.

Best Cat Toys

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