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Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness cat Food

Blue Cat Food is a cat owner’s answer for pets that have problems with food sensitivity and allergies.

While cats are lovable and cute, they belong to the same family as the large, predatory cats in the wild.

Strong and with keen predatory instincts, a cat is a good companion to have around the house. Cats are no different from the dog, one of the most common pet found in a household.

Cats suffer from food allergies and food sensitivities as well. For cat owners, this means that feeding them should not be done carelessly.

When a cat is observed to react to a food, you should do the necessary actions to avoid the reaction from occurring again. One of the best actions you can do is to change their cat food to a variety suited for highly sensitive cats.

grey tabby kitten licking his lips after eating cat food

Unhealthy Feeding is Common

Is it possible that pet owners feed their cats with unhealthy foods?

Yes, in fact most owners do not know that they are providing an unhealthy diet for their cat.

Feeding a cat too much is not healthy for the cat. Feeding the cat with just any food available or scraps from the table is also not healthy for the cat. If this doesn’t cause the cat to get sick, it can cause the cat to grow big and fat.

Overweight cats may look cute but they can suffer from sicknesses caused by too much weight. Obese cats are prone to many health issues such as arthritis, diabetes and urinary tract disease.

Cats only need 24 to 35 calories in a day in order to maintain a good and healthy body as recommended by professionals.

Feeding Cats with Dry Food

Feeding your cat with dry food is one of the common mistakes many owners commit.

While dry cat food is affordable and your cat seems to like it, it does not contain the ideal water content a cat needs. Cats do not drink water often but their bodies still need water.

This is the very reason why cats suffer from urinary tract diseases. Canned cat foods like some varieties of Blue Buffalo Cat Food contain the ideal water content your cat needs to remain hydrated.

Choosing the Perfect Blue Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Adult Chicken with Sweet Potatoes Dry Cat Food 6-lb bag

It is extremely important to choose your cat’s food carefully.

A cat’s health is dependent not only on exercise and socialization but also on nutrition. Healthy food for your cat results in developing a good physical condition, increased activity level, and good behavior patterns.

I feed my cat healthy food and I can really see that she benefits a lot from it. She is active, responsive, and playful.

One of the healthy varieties of Blue Cat Food is Blue Buffalo Basics Canned Food for Cats. Its fish and potato mixture is a healthy choice for the cat because it prevents allergic reactions that cats commonly develop when it comes to other ingredients.

The ingredients you can find in Blue Basics Fish and Potato are:

  • Whitefish – The main ingredient is a high-quality protein not commonly found in other cat foods.
  • Oatmeal and potatoes – easily digested, a good source of carbohydrate, and a good source of digestible fiber.
  • Blend of fruits, veggies and micronutrients – increases the nutritional value of the food and aids in digestion.
  • Optimal mixture of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – helps develop a healthy and shiny coat.

Other cat food brands use wheat for thickening their food. Wheat, however, commonly triggers allergic reactions in cats. Blue is a great alternative for cats with allergies because it is:

  • Soy-free
  • Wheat-free
  • Corn-free
  • No eggs
  • No dairy

All kinds of Blue Buffalo Basics contain no poultry or chicken meats and no artificial ingredients, which commonly trigger allergic reactions. Blue Cat Food is an all-healthy food option for cats with or without food sensitivities.

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