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Cat Carrier

When you have a cat, a cat carrier is one of the main accessories you will need if you plan to travel with them or for trips to the vet.

Taking your cat in a car and leaving it loose is not a good idea at all, as it can go into all kinds of places and cause problems for both of you – particularly if you are driving.

The size and kind you buy will depend on the size of your cat, your comfort level while carrying it and your budget.

Here are a few things to think about when looking to purchase a carrier for your cat.

Using a Pet Carrier

Your best bet is to begin using a pet carrier from the time you bring your kitty into your home.

Of course, you can get a small baby kitten in an open box but if you place it in a carrier, it will be safer and also get used to being in a crate.

A pet carrier is a must when you are traveling with your cat in a car, whether it is a visit to a vet or a trip to visit relatives.

Perhaps yours is a show cat and you have to transport it to shows and exhibitions – in which case a crate will help keep your friend calm while you travel and help him or her to keep their pristine grooming intact.

If you are going on a holiday and need to leave your cat at a boarding facility, you will need a carrier to transport your cat. A carrier needs to be big enough to hold your cat comfortably without it feeling confined.

It should be well ventilated and have sturdy handles so that it is easy to tote.

Kinds of Pet Carriers

Some pet carriers are open but some only have a few ventilation holes or mesh. You can get carriers made of washable material which are soft sided cat carrier, or you can get rigid containers, much like cages.

Carriers may also be small like open pockets which you can sling across your chest to keep your kitten comfortable and near you. The option of a fancy cat carrier which may look like a messenger bag is also available, if you want to carry your pet cat in style.

These are usually for smaller cats.

Cat Tote Pet Carrier

Pros and Cons of Rigid
and Soft Sided Cat Carrier

soft sided cat carrier
soft cat carriers

A rigid cat carrier will last for years and are durable and easy to clean. You can get them in a wide variety of neutral colors. They may be required for travel by public transport, in buses and trains.

When flying with your cat, check airline regulations as to the size and type of carriers allowed. Rigid carriers should be easy to secure. They should have sufficient space to accommodate your cat, so that it can stand and even walk a bit.

Soft carriers are easy to carry and comfortable for your cat as well. However, a soft carrier is not preferable for long distance traveling as your cat will not be able to move around in it.

Some of them are similar to the slings or packs that you would use to carry a small baby.

If you do need to take your cat on a plane, the Sleepypod carrier below is the perfect choice. It comes in five color choices and is made to fit most major airline carry-on dimension limits. It fits under airline seats and is most suitable for small-medium cats and small dogs.

airline cat carrier

Another type is the pet wheel-away which comes in different sizes. It has wheels and a telescopic handle, so you can wheel your pet in it. It converts into a backpack, car seat or even bed for your pet and can be used for airline travel as well.

If you have a larger cat, you may want to use the I-GO 2 Escort which has expandable sides giving your pet more room to move around.

Materials Used for Carriers

Carriers are available in a wide variety of materials, range of prices, and commonly come in:

  • Rigid plastic
  • Cloth
  • Cardboard
  • Woven bamboo or cane
  • Canvas
  • Mesh fabric
  • Faux leather
  • Rattan

You may get these in different combinations as well, for instance canvas or leather with metal accents and/or mesh. Some of these may be lined with soft fleece, making them ultra comfortable and snug.

You may have to line other carriers with a towel or soft cloth so that they are more comfortable for your pet.

You can check various cat carrier options online and order with confidence from many shopping sites. You can also buy them from stores which sell pet accessories.

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