Cat Climbing Trees

If you want a happy and content cat, then let them try any variety of cat climbing trees.

Exercise is essential for a healthy cat and climbing is the perfect way for your kitty to burn calories and stay toned.

Although cats sleep up to 18 hours per day, they still need to run, leap and chase around the house. Cat trees provide wild entertainment for frisky felines and a cozy place to nap when they are done playing.

It is best to consider things like available space, number of cats and the personality of your cat when choosing cat playgrounds.

Cat furniture can be a simple kitty condo or a more complicated design resembling a tree with many perches. You have many options from which to choose as climbing trees come in many styles and sizes.

Brown Cat Climbing Tree

Choices in Cat Trees

Small Trees

Small cat towers are ideal if you are short of space in your home or if you don't want to take up too much space with cat furniture.

Sisal Cat Tower

The PetPals Two Level Woven Cat Lounger is a nice compact piece of cat furniture perfect for small spaces.

It features 2 woven baskets for your pets to sleep.

PetPals 2 Level Crown Top Style Cat Playhouse

Made with lamb fleece and paper rope, it has a crown sleeping area, a platform for playing, and a condo area for hiding.

PetPals 2 Level Crown Top Style Cat Playhouse

Medium Trees

Medium cat playgrounds or trees are more costly, but certainly provide more interesting features for your cat.

PetPals Recycled Paper Cat House with Two Condos

This PetPal Beige Multi-Level condo is a perfect mid-sized playground.

It has 3 sisal scratching posts, 2 napping boxes, a lounging hammock, and a sitting perch.

There's also a hanging rope teaser and a dangling cat toy included.

If you have a little more space for more levels of play area then try something like the GoPetClub cat tree.

It features three lounging platforms, a napping hideaway, and a circular barrels for perching or hiding in.

It is covered with Faux Fur and has a dangling toy for added entertainment.

Beige Cat Tree

The main structure of this tree is a sisal scratching post.

The dimensions are 33"W x 24"L x 39.5"H and it is great for one or more cats to play on together.

Petco Premium Tree Terrace

This GoPetClub Tree Terrace will give your cats a table top perch each - if required!

There are a few nice additions to this cat tower like five sisal scratching pole, two dangling feather toy, a carpeted ramp and a cozy sleeping box.

Dimensions are 21"W x 21"L x 52"H

Napping box is 12"W x 12"L x 10"H

Cat table top perches are approximately 11.25" in diameter.

Large Trees

If you're looking for a real quality piece of cat furniture made in the USA, this multi tier cat condo by GoPetClub is just the ticket.

Constructed out of , Faux Fur and all natural sisal rope, this 77" high cat climbing tree could be perfect for your pets.

With the black and brown colors, it will look great in any home.

The roomy sleeping areas and perches on this tree allow large cats or multiple small cats enjoy snoozing and lounging in comfort.

Overall size is 77" H, 62" W, 35" L.

IVG Stores 4 Tier Solid Cat Tree

Huge Cat Tree furniture

This large cat tree furniture offers an impressive number of features, such as 3 sleeping hideaways, three hanging hammocks for sleeping, and two climbing ladders.

It has a large base of 61" wide to make it stable and is also adjustable from 92" to 108".

It has lots of perches and scratching posts for playtime and it's great for multiple cats.

There are a lot of different styles and sizes of cat climbing trees. Check out for great deals your kitty will love.

You can really spoil your kitty with custom climbing trees. You decide size, number of platforms, exterior covering and you can even design the tree to match your decor. Some unique cat trees even resemble real trees.

Build Your Own
Cat Climbing Trees

If you have a little time and imagination, you can build your own cat climbing tree. Certain information will help you find the right cathouse plans, including:

  • Number of cats
  • Amount of space
  • Permanent tree or movable
  • Amount of money
  • Amount of time
  • Level of experience

It is important to have a solid base that is wide enough to support the upper levels without tipping over. Once you have a sturdy base, the features available to you are endless. Visit this site for further instructions Build Your Own Cat Tree.

Cat climbing trees are a fun way for your cat to act on their natural instincts and have a special place of their very own. Up high or down low your cat will be happy with whatever style you choose, so go ahead and find the perfect cat playground for your feline friend!

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Cat Climbing Trees
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