Cat Cradle
A Cozy Place for a Cat Nap

Cat Cradle attached to cat condo

Cat furniture is great for your cat to play in and relax and the cat cradle is a popular type of cat furniture.

As its name indicates, it is a curved piece of cozy cat furniture where your feline friend can lie down and rest or take a nap.

It's often part of a larger piece of furniture for your cat called a cat tree condo but can also stand alone or be portable and made of wood and fabric.

Types of Cradles

The most common type of cradle is the type attached to a cat tree condo or cat climbing tower. They are tall, carpet covered structures with toys, cat beds, and other items that your cat can use to climb, sleep, or play with.

Cat Cradle

Many of these trees include a cradle, which is usually covered with carpet for your cat’s comfort. The cradle is usually raised up in the air with a pole and is curved so your cat can easily and comfortably lie down.

If you do not want an entire cat tree, you can just get the cat cradle on its own. These cradles are set up the same way as the ones on the cat tree structures, but without the toys and beds included in the trees.

Some cradle structures even offer multiple cradles at different heights to accommodate multiple cats and so your cats can choose their preferred height.

The third and most unusual type of cradle is a product called the Kitty Cradle. The Kitty Cradle is essentially a cat hammock.

It is a fabric sling that you can attach to the legs on the underside of any chair and it provides a cozy, out of the way napping spot for your cat.

It is made fleece, which is a warm, soft and durable fabric that most cats love. The straps have grips on them so you can hang them at any height, making it easy to personalize it to any chair. This is a fairly new but increasingly popular product for cats.


There are many advantages to getting a cradle for your cats. A cradle gives your cats a warm, comfortable place to sleep.

If they choose to sleep or play in the cradle, it means that you don’t have to constantly worry about them getting into places they shouldn’t and you don’t have to constantly worry about tripping over them as they lie on the floor.


Cradles do not have many disadvantages as long as you pick a good one. Poorly made cradles can be slightly unstable and you may worry that they will tip over.

However, a high quality cradle will not have these problems. Disadvantages you may want to note include the fact that the carpet may be difficult to clean and that it may be easier for your cat to access higher spaces where he or she shouldn’t be.

Buying a Cat Cradle

Cradles are pretty common for cats and are usually pretty easy to find. You can find cradles at any pet store and online. If you want to actually look at the cradle you plan to purchase in advance, you will need to buy one in-person, directly from a store.

However, if you’re looking to save money or have something specific in mind, you will have a far greater variety at better prices if you look online.

For example, Amazon’s website has over 1000 listings for cat cradles in its pet supplies section. You may even be able to get a second-hand cradle if you really want to save money. When buying second-hand, you need to see the cradle before you buy to determine if there are any stains or odors and to make sure it’s in good shape.

If you need a comfortable space for your cat to rest where he or she is out of the way, a cat cradle may be the perfect place.

Cradles are usually covered in carpet, raised up, and specially designed so that cats will enjoy them.

Cat Cradle
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