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cat dishes

Pamper your cat with a variety of cute cat dishes.

Indulge your desire to provide them with the best cat products.

Some cats choose to eat out of these fancy dishes and may even show you their appreciation by looking at you and blinking!

Functionality of Cat Dishes

In addition to decorative cat food dishes etched with kitty's name or signature paw print, there are a variety of convenient feeding gadgets that allow cats to consistently have access to fresh food and water when you're are gone from the home all day.

These innovative feeders include:

An automatic pet feeder operates by continuously providing food to through a dispenser that resembles a two-liter pop bottle.

Dispensers vary in size depending on how much food the animal eats. This dispenser is attached to a food bowl where food is allowed to flow into the bowl when it gets empty.

The plastic dispenser prevents oxygen from making the food stale and is easily refillable by detaching it from the food bowl. This kind of cat food dispenser gives cats access to food at all times and is convenient to use with outdoor cats who come and go as they please.

If you have overweight cats that need to be on a diet, a cat feeder with a timer only fills the cat bowl at certain times that are pre-set by the owner.

Instead of having a full bowl of food all the time, the cat is provided with food every four, five or six hours, depending on the type of diet it requires.

Cat Drinking Fountains

Have you ever seen your cat drinking straight from the kitchen tap? Does your cat prefer to only drink water from a running tap? It's quite common for them to enjoy drinking water in this way.

Running water is intriguing and appeals to their natural instinct to find fresh and oxygenated water. However, it's not always convenient for us owners.

Cute black kitten drinking from bathroom sink

Luckily, there are now many products available to fulfill this need. Growing in popularity, the Drinkwell cat fountain is a nifty device that provides cats with a steady, streaming supply of fresh, aerated water.

Pet Food Direct sells the Drinkwell device as well as many other drinking fountains.

The cat fountain encourages cats to drink more water while filtering the water through a charcoal filter to eliminate the strong taste of tap water that some cats find unpleasant.

Cat owners are also finding that this cat water fountain keeps their pets off the counter and deters them from drinking out of the toilet.

Feeding Tips

SmartCat Shallow Elevated Natural Plastic Cat Dish small 3-oz

Along with the variety of cat dishes and feeding devices comes the issue of feeding finicky cats. Some problems that may be causing a cat to avoid eating include:

  • Placing food and water in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen
  • Placing food in dirty food bowls or near litter boxes
  • Boredom - a few cats may like eating the same food every day most cats, just like humans, want a little variety in their diet
  • Suffering from an illness, especially if the cat is lethargic or vomiting
  • Stress due to moving or the introduction of another animal in the household

Additionally, cats that spend more time outdoors than indoors may go for periods of not eating simply because they are catching prey and enjoying the fresh meat or visiting cat-friendly neighbors who are giving him treats.

Indoor cats that do not attempt to eat for over 24 hours should be taken to a vet in order to rule out possible illness.

While decorative glass or ceramic cat dishes are all right to use in single-cat households, homes with more than two cats should stick to plastic dishes to avoid breakage and possible harm.

Cats are fundamentally solitary creatures who like their space and independence.

Multiple cat homes frequently experience minor scuffles involving the two cats tussling around, slapping each other with their paws and tearing through the house in a sudden fit of aggravation.

Cat bowls may get broken accidentally when you're not home and inadvertently cause lacerations to the cats.

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