Cat Drinking Fountain
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Cat Drinking Fountain

A cat drinking fountain is a great way to keep your cat hydrated with easy to drink and oxygenated water.

Many cats prefer to drink moving water from faucets instead of bowls and for them a fountain is the best way for them to drink sufficient water.

Cats often don't like drinking water from bowls nor do they like the water to be placed near their food. This increases the likelihood that they will not drink sufficient water.

A drinking fountain, which has running water, will tempt a cat into drinking water regularly.

Kinds of Drinking Fountains

You have choices when you decide to purchase a fountain such as:

Ceramic Pet Fountain. – This is made of non-toxic ceramic, which reduces bacteria build-up, while providing clean, and fresh water.

You can get beautiful and artistic designs in ceramic, which add to the décor as well. These are available in different sizes, storing between three quarts and two gallons of water, depending on the model. The fountain has two filters and a pump, which works on electricity or battery.
ceramic cat drinking fountain

Petmate Water Fountain - This has a large surface area and the moving water adds more oxygen. With a filter, it provides safe and pure drinking water for your beloved pet. An over three-quart capacity means that you do not need to keep refilling the water.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain – Designed by a vet, this fountain mimics a water faucet. It is small and easy to clean, the water has an adjustable flow rate and you can buy a larger capacity reservoir so that you do not need to refill it constantly. The fountain provides clean and filtered water as it has a charcoal filter.

Petmate Deluxe Fresh
Flow Pet Fountain
Drinkwell Cat Fountain

Before buying, check out the water fountains online and how much space you have to keep a fountain.

Determine the capacity that you need, which depends on the size of your cat and whether you have one or many. A drinking fountain is a small investment to make to ensure the health of your pet.

If you do not have one, now may be time to buy one!

Water is Important for Cats

Black Cat Drinking from bathroom sink

Water is important particularly if your cat suffers from urinary disease and bladder problems, as it ensures optimum kidney function and prevention of crystal formation. It helps in the digestive process since cat food is primarily dry.

It also keeps the temperature of your cat stable and normal. For elderly cats, a drinking fountain is necessary.

Water keeps your cat fit, healthy and hydrated. It also reduces the possibility of the cat going to your bathroom and drinking water from the sink or the toilet, which is unhygienic and can cause diseases.

Water Bowl vs. Cat Drinking Fountain

It may seem very easy to keep water in a drinking bowl, which is accessible to your cat at all times. However, still water can harbor germs, even if the bowl is regularly cleaned out.

Still water stagnates and causes slime build up; it can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A bowl can hold a limited amount of water and you need to replenish it several times a day, if your cat does drink from it.

Bowls are lightweight and once water levels go down, even a playful pet will be able to knock it over. This results in water spillage and means more work for you because you have to mop it up and clean the mess.

A cat drinking fountain holds much more water. It also has a filter, so the water that flows is clean, filtered and oxygenated, providing more health benefits to your cat.

As cats are attracted to flowing water, a fountain means that a cat will drink more water and be hydrated.

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