Cat Food Brands
Choosing a Healthy Cat Food

Have you ever tried ten different cat food brands before finding one that your cat will approve of?

Fortunately, enough brands of cat food exist to allow you the luxury of providing your feline with a variety of wet and dry cat foods.

Although more expensive than other brands, veterinarians often recommend Science Diet cat food because it contains an optimal blend of minerals, protein, fatty acids and vitamins that contribute to a cat's overall health.

Science Diet kitten food provides essential fish oils that enhance the development of a kitten's nervous system as well as cognitive abilities.

Some other well-known cat foods include:

Lesser-known food brands are:

Cat Food Brands

Wal-Mart carries its own special brand of cat food called Special Kitty cat food, which is cheaper than other brands but popular with cats as well as their owners.

Many of the hard-to-find brands contain special ingredients like greens and vegetables combined with a variety of meats.

Natural Choice cat food, for example, has separate kinds of cat food especially designed to control certain health issues commonly affecting cats, such as obesity, hairballs, dental problems and intestinal disorders.

If your cat suffers from fur or skin diseases, Natural Choice provides food that contains omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid and omega-6 linolenic acid that directly facilitate healing of a cat's skin and fur.

High protein cat foods such as Evo cat food and Blue Buffalo cat food are designed to address health problems like poor immune system functioning, extreme lethargy and weight loss that frequently occurs when a cat is deficient in protein.

Because felines are strictly carnivores and exhibit a metabolism unique to mammals, they need protein, rather than carbohydrates, for energy purposes.

Taurine is another form of protein that your cat requires for eye and heart health. Without sufficient amounts of taurine, they may develop serious disorders like dilated cardiomyopathy, reproductive failure and retinal degeneration.

Homemade Cat Food vs. Cat Food Brands

Cat food ratings of different brands reveal that generic cat food contains unhealthy filler ingredients like corn, grains, preservatives and even dyes that contribute nothing to your cat's health and may even cause an allergic reaction.

Many of these cheap pet food companies will add wheat gluten or oats to the paltry bit of meat products they put in their foods to extend the recipe and make more products for less money.

Symptoms of a possible corn allergy in cats are extremely itchy skin, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If you are wary of feeding "over-the-counter" pet food, you might consider using a grinder and make your own cat food.

When grinding turkey or chicken thighs, make sure to also grind the bones in with the meat since it's critical that cats receive not only protein and phosphorous from meat but the calcium contained in animal bones.

cat eating raw food
Photo courtesy of Hotash

Pet food companies that make quality cat food fortify their food with calcium so that cats do not suffer from a calcium deficiency.

When giving cats a homemade diet, grinding bones with the meat is necessary to give the cats the calcium they would receive if living in the wild and eating birds, rabbits and other rodents.

Before feeding your cat with certain cat food brands, always read the label to determine whether unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients have been included in the recipe, to prevent potential allergic reactions and health conditions common to cats that regularly eat a low-quality diet.

Cat Food Brands
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