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The Cat Genie is the best automatic cat litter box that could be the answer to your difficulties about cleaning that nasty litter box.

Cats are known for being very clean and tidy animals, but they still need to visit the bathroom on a regular basis. This isn’t a problem for cats who are left outside all day or who have access to a cat flap as they’ll be able to do their business outside.

However, indoor cats face the trials and tribulations of the litter tray and some will refuse to use it if it hasn’t been cleaned out since the last use.

This obviously causes problems for people leaving their cats during the day and it’s where automatic litter trays come into play.

How Does the Cat Genie Work?

CatGenie SideWalls

It has obviously been designed by someone with a great love of cats as the whole operation is quiet, quick and clean so as not to upset the cat in any way.

The machine looks like a regular litter tray from the outside with a simple pillar storing all the electronics and pipes. Your cat uses the litter tray as normal so they can still get the opportunity to dig a hole and cover their mess as they would do outside.

Once they step out, however, the magic begins:

  • The Genie Hand – the first thing that happens is the Genie Hand rakes through the litter. This is an automated scoop with gaps into to trap any solid waste. It passes through the litter a few times and deposits any waste in the disposal tray which gets liquefied and washed out later on.
  • Water – fresh water is added from your cold water supply and the Genie Hand scrubs the granules and the bottom of the Cat Genie to remove any stuck on waste. 
  • Special granules – the granules that come with the product are specifically designed not to retain water so once they’ve been washed, any liquid waste is also removed. The drain at the bottom of the Genie then opens and all the waste water is removed and is flushed out into your drain or toilet.
  • Drying – the final step is a mini dryer is turned which dries and warms the litter granules for the next use.

It’s quite a mesmerizing experience to watch and has been designed to happen in less than 30 minutes with the minimum of noise and fuss.

Things to Consider

CatGenie Litter Box

Beyond the initial cost of the Genie which can run beyond $400 for the latest model, you also need to plug the system into both your electricity supply and cold water supply.

This will limit the places that you can have the Genie and you’ll need to find a way of hiding the wires and pipes so that they don’t cause a trip hazard.

The system also requires the specific Genie granules to work properly, and while they are reusable and never need to be replaced, you will need to top it up as a few will get washed away each time.

Fortunately, they are completely biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about them clogging up your drains.

Buying a Cat Genie can also be a great way to try and regulate your cat’s toilet habits. You can program the system to run at particular times of day and to have extended sleep periods where it won’t wash even if it has been used.

This means you can effectively turn it off overnight and it will do one full clean on start up in the morning.

Most cats won’t notice the difference between a Genie and a regular litter tray, but any owner who has bought one would never go back to the chore of sifting for waste and weekly cleaning.

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