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If your cat likes to snuggle in your bed sheets or sun in a windowsill, a cat hammock may be an accessory you should consider buying for them.

Hammocks allow your furry feline friend to stretch out and relax in his own personal bed, up off the ground keeping your furniture, bedding and other high up surfaces free of claw marks and hair.

If you have ever enjoyed the comfort of a hammock hung on your porch or between two trees in your yard, the concept is the same.

Similar to the concept of hammocks for humans a hammock for your kitten is one that you can hang inside your home, scaled down to the perfect size for them.

These accessories are usable in a variety of places around your home depending on the type of hammock you purchase. Compare several different models before making a final purchase so that you can set up the hammock where your cat prefers to sleep and relax.

Kitten sleeping in a cat hammock

When you begin looking around online or in specialty pet stores for hammocks, you will find that two major types are available, hanging or freestanding.

Check out the video below to make your own hammock for your cat. Martha Stewart shows you how using a piece of rug and some chain.

Hanging Hammocks

If you regularly travel with your pet or he enjoys hanging out in small areas such as cat towers or playgrounds, hanging hammocks provide a snugly piece of furniture that is all theirs to enjoy in the comfort of their own enclosure.

A hammock can hang inside your cats crate or inside their playground enclosure as long as two wall surfaces are relatively close together.

Proselect ZW3012 17 Wild Time Cage Hammock Black

Hanging cat hammocks adhere to surfaces using a variety of materials including Velcro, hanging loops or hooks. Remember, the type of hanging hammock you buy will partially be determined by what the walls of this area are made, so be sure to inspect the area first, keeping in mind the favorite haunts of the cat.

Under-Chair Hammocks

Does your cat love to hide away under furniture? If so an under chair cat bed may be just perfect. You'll find there are a few different cover styles to choose from, including sheepskin, white, blue and animal print.

Freestanding Hammocks

A cat  resting in a free standing cat hammock

If your cat prefers to enjoy higher areas such as your bed or windowsills, a freestanding hammock may be the way to go.

Freestanding models of this beloved cat accessory involve either a small enclosure or a wooden frame in which you hang the actual hammock. This variety is extremely convenient because it typically requires very little assembly and can hang almost anywhere.

The above model is available at Cat Above.com and comes in many different colors and patterns.

Blue and white freestanding cat hammock

This model is perfect for the cat that likes to be wherever you are as you can easily move these freestanding structures.

Place your cat’s new hammock on your dresser, desk, or beside your couch to give them a comfortable resting place anywhere they go.

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The type of hammock and the materials of which it is made determine the cost of your hammock. Prices will also vary from retailer to retailer, and whether you buy online or in a store.

This type of cat accessory comes in various colors and styles and on average will cost you anywhere from $20 to $150 on the high end depending on the brand and quality. If you are looking to save money, you can build your own cat hammock as shown below.

If you want to give your pet the perfect place to ‘hang’ out, a cat hammock is definitely the way to go.

Available in a range of prices to meet your budget expectations, these fun kitty sleeping areas are available in the color or design of your choice to match the decor of your home and surroundings.

While you acquire a cat accessory that fits into your home, the kitty gets a place of his or her own to curl up and sleep.

Make Your Own Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock
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