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Using a cat litter mat is a great way to reduce the likeliness that your cat will track dirty cat litter around your home.

Displaced, dirty litter and feces around the house can expose your cat and your loved ones to diseases.

Bacteria can not only affect your cat but also the rest of your family, including E. Coli, which is found in cat feces and is dangerous -- especially to children under five years of age.

Using a litter mat will remove some of the litter from your cat’s paws and help prevent the bacteria from spreading to other areas of the home.

Omega Paw Cat Litter Mat
Paw Print Litter Mat

Photo Left: Omega Paw Cleaning Litter Mat

Photo Right: Petco Paw Print Litter Mat

Benefits of a Cat Litter Mat

A litter mat does a great job keeping your feline from spreading litter and feces around your home. Some mats resemble carpet and are easily cleanable with a vacuum.

These litter mats capture the litter in the base of the mat so that your vacuum cleaner will easily pick it up.

In addition to mats with container bases, flat surface mats also exist. This variety allows the litter to stick to the surface and when you are ready to clean it, you will simply use a whisk broom and dustpan, or a wet sponge to remove discarded litter from the surface of the mat.

Cat mats are well cushioned and don’t slip and slide around, so your cat won’t mind stepping on it.

Special cat mats are a better option than regular floor mats because regular mats have the tendency bother pets so much that they may just jump out of the box clearing the mat and landing on your floor, leaving litter and feces all over the floor and around your home.

Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Mat
cat litter mat

If you're looking for something colorful and stylish, why not try a personalized litter mat? You can add your kitty's name or a unique message on to the mat. As well as good looks, these mats are practical too.

They are machine washable and have a non-slip backing material making them ideal to catch any urine spills near the litter tray. Available in 11 different designs and two sizes: regular 20"x16" and large 20"x28".

Visit for great products at great prices!

A New Kind of Mat

Paw Path makes a litter mat that has a lattice design that the cats walk on. Any feces or litter that has attached itself to your cat’s paws falls down through the lattice on the mat and gets trapped there so it doesn’t end up somewhere in your home.

The shape of the lattices on the device actually spreads out the paws of your cat causing the litter and feces to drop into the mat.

cat litter mat

These mats also employ short fences to encourage your cat to walk the entire length of the mat instead of taking a shortcut and walking off the side.

The only way to get that litter off your cat’s paws is for him to walk enough on the mat – and the side fences help to promote that.

Another advantage of the fences is that they deflect litter that may have gotten flung out by an over exuberant feline, keeping it in a contained area.

Cat’s Behavior

Much of the thinking behind the different cat litter, litter boxes, and mats, has to do with your feline’s instinctual behavior. Your cat’s going to do what he is going to do regardless of your efforts so you have to cater to him.

Cats are very fastidious. A dirty cat is a rare cat. As soon as your feline is finished doing his business he will want to make sure his paws are free from feces and dirty litter.

If you don’t have an adequate litter mat, he will find somewhere else to clean his paws on; like your bedroom carpet. If you have a mat in place as soon he steps out of his litter box and on the mat, he will clean his paws there, saving you from finding cat box contents elsewhere in your home.

The perfect complement to any type of litter box – whether it is a new automatic one or just your basic box – is a cat litter mat. The right mat is your last defense against bacteria- carrying feces.

If you want to keep litter and feces from working its way into the kid’s room or your own bedroom, get yourself a litter mat. They are relatively inexpensive ranging from $9 to $29 – so every cat owner can afford one.

The right cat litter mat will take the litter and feces from your feline’s paws and keep it on the mat where it belongs.

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