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You may need to purchase cat medicine if your cat exhibits symptoms such as frequent vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy, fever, problems urinating or runny nose or eyes.

Cats experiencing any of these signs of illness for more than two or three days without improvement should be seen by a vet.

They could be suffering from a worm infestation, feline pneumonia or a urinary tract infection, three of the more common medical conditions affecting cats.

Cat Vaccines

Of course, you should make sure your cat receives the necessary cat vaccines to prevent a variety of serious disorders.

Also, something I just found out recently from a trip to my vet is that cats can pick up a virus from us humans and get very sick. It's very scary when your feline friend is sick and can't tell you what is wrong. Yearly vaccines will prevent them from catching anything serious.

Feline vaccinations are available at your veterinarian's office or can be obtained at a reduced price through community pet vaccination clinics sometimes offered by the local animal shelter.

The importance of feline vaccines cannot be stated strongly enough, as these vaccinations avert sicknesses that can cause death if aggressive cat treatments are not immediately implemented.

These diseases include feline distemper (parvo), feline viral rhinotracheitis, rabies, and feline leukemia.

Worm Medication

Other cat medicines include cat worm medicine (roundworms) and cat tapeworm medicine.

While you can purchase medicine to eliminate roundworms at the local pet store or discounted online, tapeworm medication requires stronger active ingredients provided by the cat medicine that veterinarians prescribe.

Outdoor cats or barn cats that tend to roam for days before returning home may suffer weight loss from a worm infestation before you are able to give the cat medication.

As a result, you may need to supplement the cat's diet with cat vitamins until the animal is rid of the worms and gaining weight.

Cat Supplements

Giving a nutritional supplement to cats recuperating from serious illnesses is also a highly recommended practice.

The brand Vetoquinol provides a variety of supplements rich with nutrients beneficial to the cat's condition. You can purchase this product and other discount pet medications at Pet 360 and Entirely Pets.

If your cat is a fussy eater and only wants to eat cheap commercial cat food, giving them daily supplements can help give them the nutrition they need.

Brands such as Nupro Nuggets can be added to your cat's diet in a few different ways. They can be eaten in pellet form, crushed into their favorite wet food or be crushed into a power, mixed with a little water to make a gravy - this can be poured over dry food.

A wide variety of supplements are made for specific ailments.

  • For joint problems try Cosequin for Cats. It comes in a capsule form. You can pull apart the capsule if you prefer to sprinkle the power on cat food instead.
  • For skin and coat problems try NaturVet Salmon Oil liquid supplement. Packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, this supplement can be added to wet food. The salmon oil ingredients help soothe dry irritated skin, reduce shedding and add shine to your cat's coat.
  • For bladder health try Uromaxx Liquid formula for cats and dogs. It contains many natural ingredients such as dandelion, corn silk, cranberry and a dose of vitamin C and Glucosamine.

How to Give Cat
Medicine to Your Cat

Cats are very uncooperative when it comes to giving them medication — some take it quite well while others clearly despise the whole process. Although the latter is usually the case, there are ways to take some of the stress out of the process of administering liquid or pill-form medicines. These include:

  • Crushing a pill and mixing it with the cat's favorite food. (This should be used only if the cat is not vomiting). You will have to make sure the cat eats all the food in order to receive the full effect of the medication.

  • Using an eyedropper to give oral medications. Fill the eyedropper with the prescribed amount of medicine, hold the cat's head and insert the dropper's end into the corner of the cat's mouth. Squeeze firmly and quickly, and allow the cat enough time to swallow the cat medicine.

  • Giving the pill to the cat in the same manner that people give dog medication — by placing it as far back in the throat as possible, holding the mouth shut and rubbing the neck of the cat in a downward motion to stimulate the throat to swallow the pill. Your cat may avoid you for several hours following this event, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that it was in his or her best interest.

When cat medicine is in pill form and cannot be crushed, you can try hiding the pill in a small ball of their favorite food, such as cheese and tuna ball.

The main problem with this procedure is that cats chew their food a lot more than dogs do and will often eat the treat ball but spit out the pill, especially if the cat happens to bite into the pill.

cat pill pockets

Products such as these Greenies Pill Pockets may help cats to swallow pills more easily. Simply place the pill inside the pocket and give it to your cat as you would any other treat. Pill pockets are cheap and come in a wide variety of flavors.

Pill pockets are a great way to give your cat medication without fuss and stress. It's also tasty treat too!

Still can't get your cat to swallow their pills? Try using these products widely available in pet stores.

Cat pill syringes are cheap and particularly useful for administering pills that cannot be crushed. The syringe will ensure that the pill goes right to the back of the throat. This reduces the chances of the cat spitting out the medicine.

Cat Pill Wrap (for cats and dogs) is an edible paste that you coat the pill in. With a bacon-like smell, most cats cannot resist!

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