Perfect Cat Playgrounds

Cat Playgrounds

What makes cat playgrounds so attractive to cats?

They involve towers, perches and enclosed areas that allow the cat to engage his natural instincts to jump, climb, peer down at others below him and stalk unsuspecting cat friends on nearby ledges.

If you have the knowledge and materials, you can build your own cat tree or purchase any one of the varieties of cat climbing trees, cat gyms or kitty condos from places online

What are Cat Jungle Gyms?

Since indoor cats do not have access to trees, fences and buildings that allows them to exercise muscles and practice stalking, you can give them interesting equipment made just for cats.

You can choose from tall cat towers, cat perches, Kittywalk, a cat ramp running along the ceiling and catnip toys dangling from strategic areas of the cat tree condo. These cat gyms are multi-tiered and can serve as scratching posts, especially when you apply a little catnip to the perches.

Constructed of wood and carpeted with pieces of thick, shaggy rug, a cat climbing tree should withstand the energetic antics of several cats vying for the title of "king of the cat tree mountain."

Most cat trees are at least four feet tall, but adding extra cat tree furniture to jungle gyms can make them as tall as the ceiling in your home.

cat tree with siamese cat

I got Eine her 6 ft, 3 tier cat tree and it was money well spent. She has found new ways of climbing to the top. I usually find her sleeping high up on one of the 3 perches.

She frequently wakes up, stretches and chooses another perch to sleep on just for the fun of it! Unfortunately she shows no interest in scratching any of the sisal rope posts.

Where to Find the
Best Cat Playgrounds

You will find a nifty variety of deluxe cat trees and cat condos at, along with discount cat trees, kitty trees and unique cat trees that are sure to satisfy any cat's need to flex those feline muscles and show the other cats how to pounce, climb, scratch, prey and sneak like a cat.

House cats spend hours looking out windows, watching birds, people and anything that happens to catch the feline eye. Obtaining a window cat perch is a great way for cat owners to provide their furry friends with a place to relax while still being able to keep an eye on those deliberately bedeviling birds.

The Ideal Cat Window Perch - Cradle

Custom Cat Condos

cat inside cat condo cat playing in condo

There are many ways to find custom cat condos, cat scratchers and beds, view our custom cat furniture page or read on to find out how to build your own....

With some wood, carpet pieces, nails, a hammer and a little carpentry experience, you can build cheap cat trees using pre-drawn cat tree plans. These cat condo plans are available from websites (some are free, some require payment) and include detailed directions and pictures of how the cat jungle gyms should look when completed.

Before beginning to build a cat gym, you'll need to assemble the following materials:

  • Lumber posts
  • Plywood perches
  • Staple gun
  • Carpet or thick fabric
  • Wood glue
  • Tools (hammer, drill, saw)
  • Batting toys, yarn and jingle balls

You can opt to leave a wood post free of carpet pieces when constructing a kitty condo to let cats use it as a scratching post. Cats do not pick and claw on the sides of furniture just to act like a cat.

They do it to mark their territory and to get rid of the old skin surrounding claws. To train a cat to use a scratching post, you can try several things:

  • Place the cat tree house near the cat's sleeping quarters. Cats will often feel like scratching when awakening from a good, long nap.
  • Experiment with different scratching post materials. For example, some cats like plain wood, some like corrugated cardboard and others like to scratch on a piece of rough fabric, like burlap.
  • Rub catnip onto the post to attract the cat. Give him a treat whenever he scratches the post
Cat Castle - Modular Cat Playground

To provide the best cat trees for your cat, replace dangling toys often, remove old perches, add different perches in different locations and make sure the tree house remains sturdy and safe by regularly checking for loose screws or unsteady bases.

In addition to indoor cat trees, there are a variety of great outdoor cat playgrounds, including: outdoor cat trees, outdoor cat houses and outdoor enclosures.

These will give your cat the best of both worlds, i.e. the safety and comfort of being indoors and the ability to play, jump, sleep and enjoy the outdoors.

All of these cat playgrounds will make great accessories to your cats play toys.

Cat Playgrounds
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