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Kittens, as well as adult cats, need plenty of cat toys to satisfy their urge to pounce, prey, jump, and dash.

Cats are natural predators and originally lived in a stimulating and continuously changing environment consisting of all kinds of small animals to chase and capture.

Sometimes eating their prey and sometimes playing with them, cats still exhibit this desire to maintain their strength, agility and leaping abilities because of the millions of years spent surviving in primal, savage conditions.

Kitten grabbing cat toys off table

Catnip Toys

The best cat toys are items that a cat can bat around, grab with his paws, and possibly contain a bit of catnip. Cats are easily amused by a variety of different toys.

In particular, giving them cat nip toys makes most cats wildly exuberant.

Although a few cats don’t react to the scent of catnip, caused by the chemical nepetalactone, most felines will grab the toy between their paws and roll around vigorously for several minutes.

They may also eat the catnip, which does no harm to them. The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is an interactive toy with catnip included in the scratching pad.

kitten playing with the best cat toy - Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Homemade Cat Toys

Making cat playthings from items laying around your home is easy. Homemade toys can be created from yarn, foil balls, old socks stuffed with catnip and paper bags large enough for the cat to enter.

Remote control toys and laser pointers are examples of interactive toys with which you can enjoy some one-on-one time with your cat.

Your cat may also find his own toy; perhaps being fascinated with the plastic rings from the milk jug, playing endless hours of fetch; bringing you the ring and waiting for you to toss it to him.

Learning how to make toys for your cat is really just a matter of finding anything that you can dangle in front of a cat or pull across the floor to engage a cat's hunting and chasing instincts.

Other cat games can include soap bubbles, toys attached to a fishing line and hiding a toy (or moving your hand) under a blanket.

Discounted and wholesale cat play toys are available from numerous websites specializing in cat products.

For example, Fat Cat, Kong, Da bird cat toy products, felted toys, and cat laser toy items.

In addition, cheap toys and free toys are sometimes available through promotional events offered by online pet stores or traditional pet stores like Petco.

Cats Cannot Resist Chasing Laser Pointers!

Unique Cat Toys

There are several companies which offer interesting angles on entertainment products for your cat. For example, the Kitty Boinks is a flexible, mesh tube that can be compressed at both ends and released quickly, making it shoot like a rocket in front of the cat.

Kitty Boinks mesh toy for cats

Stackable play boxes, ornamental cat scratchers and a "treat maze" designed to challenge a cat before receiving a treat are just a few of the items available from UK and US cat product websites.

catty stacks play boxes for cats
Catty Stacks are a unique kind of pet toy.

You can buy one cube or multiple cubes if you want to build your own cat maze. These Eco-friendly blocks are strong enough to support cats up to 20lbs and yet light enough to be folded down and stored away when necessary.

Cat Tunnels

kitty playing in cat tunnel

When there's more than one cat in a home, cat tunnels make great cat accessories that entertain both cats simultaneously.

Owners can purchase cat tunnels or make their own by taping grocery-size paper bags together that has had the bottoms cut out of them.

Cats love to feel like they are hiding from cats and other animals and tunnels provide them with hours of practicing their hiding, stalking and ambushing skills.

kitty laying down in cat tunnel

Benefits of Play

Cats that are not provided with interactive toys and a stimulating environment will develop destructive and aggressive behaviors, such as chewing, shredding furniture, and even biting.

Anxiety, stress, and boredom can also cause depression and health issues in cats who are regularly left alone with nothing to do. Interactive toys could include remote control toys or laser toys.

A common misconception is that cats can be left alone for extended periods as long as they have food, water and a litter box. This is not the case, however.

Cats need just as much attention, love, and external stimulation as other pets to remain happy and healthy.

A combination of loving, indulgent owners, and a variety of fun cat toys will make for a contented and affectionate cat.

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A great article on why cat play is important for healthy cats is from They recommend that you should play with your cat at least twice a day and just before bed will help restless cats settle down for the night and not get into trouble while your sleeping.

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