Custom Cat Furniture

Custom Cat Furniture

When it comes to custom cat furniture, things have really changed over the years.

Not so long ago, a piece of furniture for your cat was nothing more than a sturdy, well-built cat scratching post.

A quick look at what’s available today will tell you we have come a long way over the last few years.

From castles to climb, to flower like cat beds to actual cat houses, they really are amazing.

Scratching Posts

The scratching post is an example of cat furniture that has evolved at least as much as cat toys or the food they eat. Even your basic carpeted cat scratcher is more than just a tall post with an offshoot or two.

Today’s cat posts feature interconnected rooms and angular posts, giving your cat many choices of angles and shapes for crawling and perching. Mimicking nature, these new cat scratching posts resemble small trees, a cat’s favorite playground.

The newest in the tree-like line of custom cat furniture scratching posts include:

Sprout Cat Tree

All of these trees are carefully crafted, with bark-like texture, lots of green leaves, hanging moss to play with and plenty of spaces for your cat to hide away if he decides he wants a quiet place to nap.

Beds for Cats

Cat beds and lounges have also come a long way since mine used to sleep on a thick piece of shag carpet in the pantry.

Cats love to climb, and they love to perch high up where they can keep an eye on things. Makers of cat furniture make multi- level loungers for the cat who likes variety.

If you want to keep things simple, you can opt for a single padded bed for your feline.

Spider Flower Cat Lounger

Lil Sandcastle Cat Lounger

Pawprint Sleepytime Cat Lounger

For the environmentally conscious, the market now offers organic pet loungers that are great for both your cat and the environment.

Cat owners with a sense of style might like the striped multicolored 100% hemp Eco-friendly beds that are mold- and mildew-resistant and machine-washable.

Cat Houses

While you can still buy your cat the basic box-like wooden house, you’re no longer limited to that style. If you’re tired of the traditional, you can opt for futuristic cylinders in a variety of colors ranging from chocolate to hot pink.

If you and your cat prefer a more angular structure, you might try one of the many octagon cat houses, or even one shaped like a medieval castle.

If you’d rather go with an indoor house that blends with your furniture, the market now offers a line of houses that are actually end tables topped with a stylish lamp.

17 Inch Cedar Cat House with Platform & Loft

20 Inch Cedar Cat Townhouse

20 Inch Cedar Cat House with Platform

Things Have Changed in Custom Cat Furniture

Custom cat accessories have grown sophisticated, keeping up with our ultra-modern, high tech world of computers and cell phones.

Today you can pamper your pet with furniture for climbing, jumping, perching, napping and generally ruling the roost.

You know things have changed when you can choose from 30 different scratching posts alone, and that’s just the beginning.

Custom Cat Furniture
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