Da Bird Cat Toy

Da Bird Cat Toy

Da bird cat toy is one of the best loved toys – by cats and humans. It keeps your cat entertained for hours and can actually be addictive for your cat.

Best of all it is an interactive cat toy, so your cat plays with it for hours, keeping busy and active.

Da Bird Cat Wand Toy looks very simple, but provides hours of enjoyment. It consists of a wand, which can be disassembled for storage, with feathers on a string attached to the wand it to mimic a bird – it is not complicated.

Da bird can be thrown in the air, or moved around, and your cat will chase it, leap at it and try his best to ‘catch’ it.

You can drag the toy around or move with it and your cat will follow. The toy simulates a bird and cats are fond of chasing birds.

You can get accessories for it.

These include:

• Fur Fun
• Feathers
• Kitty Puff
• Super Feather
• Sparkly
• Mouse

The accessories fit Da Bird Cat Toy.

You can also get replacement feathers or get them in different colors if you want. You will need to replace the feathers often to keep it moving as the feathers lose their texture after some time.

It is safe as the ASPCA website mentions this toy for cats.

Benefits of This Cat Feather Toy

Da Bird Cat Toy

You and your cat can play with it and it will act as a bonding experience for the two of you. Plus your cat will get a lot of physical exercise by running after it or leaping for it.

This will make your cat more agile, help him lose weight and improve his health. It will help you get your exercise in as well.

When your cat expends his energy in physical activity, he is less likely to trouble you or chew your precious furniture and household items. As the toy will tire him out, your cat will be able to sleep better.

The wand is sectional and you can use one, two or all three sections, depending on the size of the play area and your cat’s size.

Da Bird Cat Toy
Da Bird Toy for Cats

Problems of Da Bird Cat Toy

The main problem with this toy is that the wand is made of fiberglass. While there are small rubber caps at the ends, these rubber caps more often than not fall off.

Occasionally there have been complaints from users that the wand has splintered and the shards caused hurts and scratches. Cats, too, can chew the wand and the splinters can prove to be dangerous and difficult to remove. One way to get round this problem is to cover the edges with duct or electric tape.

This will make the ends stronger and prevent splintering.

Another disadvantage is that if your cat falls in love with this toy, it will be totally addicted to it and will want to continue playing with it.

This can lead to exhaustion so you will have to put it away in a safe place where your cat cannot get at it.

The parts will need to be replaced as they wear out and the feathers don’t last very long.

When the feathers get bedraggled, they need to be changed otherwise they will not have the ‘lift’. If the string breaks, that will have to be changed as well. In fact, many people buy a few of this popular toy so that they always have one at hand.

Da bird cat toy is one definitive toy that almost all cats love. It is not one of those that will be lying around forlorn and gathering dust.

Your cat will get excited when he sees it and play with it enthusiastically.

Da Bird Cat Toy
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