Diabetic Cat Food
Increasing Your Cat's Protein

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Diabetic Formula Dry Cat Food 4.4-lb bag

Buying or making your own diabetic cat food is easy these days.

Like us humans, cats can and do develop many illnesses including diabetes. The main rule when feeding a diabetic cat is to increase the amount of protein and decrease the amount of carbs in the diet.

First off, always bear in mind that cats are meat eaters, that is, they are true carnivores. As such, they don't need carbohydrates and vegetables to be healthy.

In fact, being unable to properly process carbs contributes to the development of diabetes in cats. When feeding a cat with this condition, it is very important to read the ingredients on dry food labels.

Dry foods tend to have more carbohydrates than cats need, which they will have difficulty breaking down. It is a popular view that wet canned food is better than dry, but even with canned food, it is still important to look at the ingredients.

Canned food with gravy may sound quite delicious, but many of these actually have high carbohydrate content.

Commercial Brands of Diabetic Cat Food

Many manufacturers of pet food and supplies are now aware of the need for special diets for cats.

Some of these companies now include special foods for various conditions as a regular offering to pet lovers.

Some popular brands, some of them vet recommended for diabetic cats, include:

  • Fancy Feast flavors: Chopped Grill Feast, Tuna & Ocean Fish, Tender Beef Feast and Turkey & Giblet Feast
  • Friskies: Cat Food Classic Pate, Special Diet Ocean Whitefish Dinner
  • Iams' Kitten Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

If you've got a sick cat to feed, it is worth noting that different animals will react differently to taste and texture of food. If your kitty refuses to switch or eat a particular brand, it makes sense to try others until you find one they like.

Make Your Own Cat Food
for Diabetic Cats

Of course, you can also make your own diabetic cat food if you would feel better having a bit more control.

This is an easy way to monitor their protein intake in order to help manage the condition. When it comes to making your own, always bear in mind the need for a well-balanced meal.

What is important is to reduce or to avoid using any carbs in the meal, plus making sure to provide supplements so that the cat gets all the right nutrients.

Thankfully, many commercial foods will provide serving sizes depending on the cat’s weight, age and activity level.

However, if you make your own and you are unsure, you can use the canned foods instruction as a guide. In general, however, an average sized adult cat rarely needs more than half-cup of food two times per day.

The website catinfo.org is a popular one for homemade cat food recipes that are ideal for diabetic cats.

You can easily modify this recipe as long as you pay attention to the nutritional requirements of your cat. It's also wise to discuss changing your kitty’s diet with a vet before trying this especially if they have a health condition.

Eating the right food is an essential aspect of the care and management of diabetes in cats. Buying the best diabetic cat food you can afford is important.

Reading ingredients is an integral part of feeding your tabby the right food to help them cope with any health condition. Without proper management of the condition, diabetes in cats can lead to organ failure and other serious ailments just as it does in humans.

It is also important to check with your vet for periodic reviews of your cat’s condition once you start them on a high protein, low carb diet.

Many cats no longer need insulin after they start eating more protein and consuming fewer carbs.

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