Discount Pet Medications
Save Money on Pet meds

Discount Pet Medications

If your pet needs medicine and it isn't in your budget, discount pet medications are options that can help you take care of your fluffy family member.

Similar to prescriptions written for humans, scripts written for pets can get pricey but knowing where and how to find and purchase the necessary medicines for your pet can not only save you money but also time and stress.


If your veterinarian prescribes medication for your pet, you will often have the option to either purchase the medicine directly through the vet’s office or to get a prescription that you can have filled elsewhere.

While purchasing your pets medicines through your vet can be a convenient time saver, it is often much more expensive because they know that not many areas have ‘pet pharmacies’ that are waiting to help you.

If you are interested in finding discount pet medications, you will often be able to find them online but remember to have them write you the prescription because most online pet pharmacies will require this document in order to sell you the medicines.

Finding Legitimate Pharmacies

The major issues with ordering discount pet medications online are the scams.

Buying pet meds online is legal as long as you are purchasing FDA approved medications and you have a prescription through an accredited veterinarian who has examined your animal before writing the script.

Unfortunately, many states have law suits pending with numerous online pet pharmacies because they have what are known as ‘alternate veterinarian’ programs. This means they have a vet working with them to write a script for your animal if you don’t have a prescription.

This practice is illegal in the United States because guidelines clearly say that you must have your animal examined by a vet before they can prescribe medications for them.

If you are wary about buying pet meds online, your best bet is to have the proper script documentation.

Be sure to make your purchase through a popular and reputable online pharmacy that visibly displays its VIPPS seal, which stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.

Some pet vet pharmacy's are listed here at the VIPPS website

Best Prices on Discount Pet Meds

Discount pet medications are not hard to find online, however, you will want to do a bit of research so that you are assured that you are getting the best price for your items.

In order to do this, you will want to visit several different online pet pharmacies, find the exact medication for which you are looking and jot down the purchase price so that you can compare it against other sites.

While you do this, you will want to keep in mind that cost may vary depending on strength and dosage so be sure that you are searching for exactly what is on the script for your animal.

Making Your Purchase

When you have compared prices and have made your decision regarding which online pharmacy from which you are going to purchase, you will then need to visit the site and follow the proper channels to place your order.

In most cases, you will be required to fill out forms that will include your personal information, credit card numbers and some basic information about your pet.

Once you complete the forms, you will likely have to fax the company a copy of your prescription before they can send you the product.

Double check that you have given them all the correct address to prevent having your pet meds delivered to the wrong place.

Future Discount Pet Medications

Many reputable online pet pharmacies offer customer reward programs, which will allow you to work toward discounts on future purchases with the purchases you are making now.

Peruse the site you have chosen to find out about any existing customer loyalty programs and decide whether the benefits are something that interests you.

Most of these types of programs are free and continuing to buy pet products from them in the future can help you save a lot of money over time.

People often love their pet as if they are members of their own family and they always want to do everything they can to keep them healthy and ensure them a long, happy life.

Purchasing discount medications online is an option that will allow you to have them shipped directly to your home at a cost much lower than having your prescriptions filled at your local vet’s office.

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