Fat Cat Toys

Fat Cat Toys makes cat toys that as their tag line says make pets and their owners happy - ‘we make people and pets laugh’.

Fat Cat Toys

  • Concerned with how much exercise your cat is getting?
  • Looking for ways to improve your cat's health?
  • Interested in providing your pet more variety for play-time?

Don't you love seeing your pet playing & having fun? If you're like me, it kind of makes you feel all giddy inside just watching the flurry of furry activity!

The company makes a vast range of popular toys for cats apart from other accessories like cat beds, blankets, and bowls.

Many of the Fat Cat Toys encourage movement and activity.

They help your cat get in much needed exercise.That's important as many people complain of obesity in their cats, which comes not so much from diet as lack of exercise.

The Fat Cat Range

Among the products for cats are:

Catfisher Whipper Snapper Toy Wand – It is a lightweight wand, which will get your cat jumping and pouncing. The lure has catnip. Who doesn't love watching when our lovable cat is rolling around the floor "drunk" on catnip?

Catfisher Fishing Reel and Rod Catnip Toy – The bait contains catnip and the rod and reel keeps your cat active and entertained for hours. The lure is removable and interchangeable, so your pet never gets bored.

AppeTeasers – These lightweight toys are small and bite size. Available in different colors, sizes, designs and shapes, they contain organic catnip, which will keep your cat playing with these toys for hours.

Catchables – Another series of small toys, like chipmunk, salamander and turtle, are three and a half inches tall, mounted on cards and available as an assortment.

Catfisher Fishing Bobber – this weighted bobber is attached to a kitty lure and your cat will love it even more because of the catnip.

Catfisher Garden Mitt Catnip Toy - You put this on your hand and make your cat jump, giving it much need exercise and entertainment.

Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger Catnip Toy – Keep this low enough for your cat to reach or keep it on the floor and it will help your cat confine its scratching to this toy. It will help save your furniture and keep your cat’s claws healthy and give it some exercise as well.

Vroom Around the Room Kitty Laser Toy – Works on batteries and shines a laser light to entice your cat to follow the light. This unique toy will have them running around the room chasing the light beam and you will be happy knowing they are getting their exercise while having fun.

Fish Sticks Treat Dispenser Toy – They look cute and you simply open them and put your cat’s favorite treats inside. When your cat chews, the treats fall through the net and your cat can get its treats.

Catnip toys – ShowGulls, Springy Worms, Hat Heads, Zoom Stuffers and more are entertaining toys in varied designs and colors.

Catfisher Doorknob Hanger – Just hang this on any handy doorknob and watch your cat jump.

Fisherman Chuck’s Catch o' the Day – Another series featuring blow fish, carp fish and parrot fish with organic catnip and mounted on cards, these small toys have a crackle factor.

Cat Toys – Come in different shapes like the Doofus Dogs, Hatheads, Dust Bunnies, Classic TailChaser and others for variety. These can be tossed in the air or dragged around by your cat, squished or carried in the mouth. Filled with organic catnip, they are an attractive addition to your cat’s toys.

The Benefits of Fat Cat Toys

Fat Cat Classic Eeeks! Original - Assorted

These toys are of good quality and they last a long time unless your cat simply can't help but wear them out with enjoyment! Plus, a lot of the lures and other things are replaceable.

The other good qualities of these toys are that they are:

• Well-made
• Sturdy
• Cute
• Strong and tear resistant
• Contain organic catnip
• Different from run of the mill cat toys
• Inexpensive

Shouldn't your cat have the pleasure of playing with different toys so that he's not bored?

You can even buy a canister filled with a variety of different Fat Cat toys and truly amuse your treasured pet in a dizzying array of fun and excitement.

Fat Cat Zoom Stuffers Catnip Toys - Assorted

You can buy these creative design and outrageous humor cat toys at Petmart. Visit Petmart to see the variety of FatCat toys.

Fat Cat Toys
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