Feline Pine Cat Litter
Odor Free and 100% Natural Pine

feline pine cat litter feline pine cat litter

If you want effective and environmentally friendly cat litter, Feline Pine cat litter is definitely the way to go.

This natural solution is both healthy for your pet to use and it will  do wonders to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Both affordable and convenient, the Feline Pine brand has several product options that are sure to keep your cat’s box fresh and your pet happy.

Created by Ken Simard in 1992, the Feline Pine brand of cat litter has been around for twenty years and is now the bestselling brand of all natural kitty litter on the market.

The company’s products are a result of years of testing different types of recycled wood to discover that the litter’s main ingredient yellow pine is the most effective neutralizing cat bathroom odors and absorbing moisture.

What's In Feline Pine Cat Litter?

Feline Pine cat litter is an excellent option for families and cat lovers who are looking to be a little greener in their home.

The Feline Pine products are all-natural and are made from recycled; kiln dried wood shavings that are a waste product of lumber production.

The product is also completely biodegradable and will not cause extra problems for landfills when put in the trash.

Feline Pine litter is made of natural ingredients, mostly pine. Unlike other brands of litter, these products do not contain harsh chemicals, clumping agents or odor neutralizers that can be potentially harmful to your furry friend.

Odor Control

Anyone who has had indoor cats has experienced the foul smell that comes along with a soiled litter box. While changing the box frequently is an excellent solution, it is often a waste of unused litter as most people simply dump the entirety of the cat box contents into the trash.

Feline Pine litter offers a new solution.

Not only does the litter tightly bind to the ammonia odors found in cat waste, the natural pine shavings also help to neutralize any nasty lingering odors in the air.

This superb odor neutralization paired with the option to purchase the brand’s ‘clumping’ litter can dramatically extend the period between necessary litter changes saving you time, effort and money.


The Feline Pine brand offers two options to keep your litter box smelling fresh.

Try out both to find the one that your pet has the easiest time acclimating to clumping or non-clumping litter.

The original Feline Pine is perfect for older stubborn cats that are not used to clumping litter. The formula for this litter is super absorbent and produces very little dust which makes changing your cat’s box super easy and user friendly.

A new and user-friendly cat litter; the brand’s ‘Clumping Pine Cat Litter’ is the easiest way to keep your cat’s box fresh while also making maintenance easier on yourself.

Like the original formula, the clumping variety of Feline Pine is super absorbent and excellent at controlling odors; however, this variety is extra special because it allows you to easily remove the soiled portions of cat litter in order to reduce the frequent need to change the box.

The clumping cat litter binds tight to moisture and waste making it easy to use a scooper to separate and remove it from the remaining clean litter. The waste can then either be disposed of in a trashcan or flushed down the toilet restoring your litter box to its original fresh state.

An all-natural, cat healthy and environmentally friendly option, Feline Pine litter is one of the best purchases you can make for your cat and for your home.

This incredible recipe is not only super absorbent but will easily save you money and it will keep your home smelling as if you don’t even have a cat.

This cat litter can be purchased from Pets Warehouse and Pet 360.

A rebate and printable coupon is also available direct from the Feline Pine website.

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