Frontline Plus for Cats
Kills Fleas and Ticks

Frontline Plus for Cats

If fleas and ticks are a problem in your area, Frontline Plus for cats may be the perfect protective solution for your furry family member.

Frontline is a monthly treatment that when used properly can help eliminate parasite infestations from your cat’s fur, restore comfort and quality of life.

Chances are, if you have cats that you have probably tried more than one flea solution before you realized that while many will reduce the number of fleas on your pet those medicines would not completely eradicate the problem.

The fact is, Frontline Plus for cats is a brand you and your cat can trust to work quickly, effectively and completely eradicate the pest problem.

When applied correctly, the medicine will completely exterminate 100 percent of fleas on your animal within 12 hours of its administration. Furthermore, Frontline Plus holds additional benefits for your pet such as its ability to kill all present ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours.

Dispensing Frontline Plus for Cats

If you have never administered Frontline Plus, it is imperative that you follow the directions listed on the packaging in order to allow your pet to benefit from the full effects of the medication.

  • Start application by removing the medicine from its packaging and popping off the cap.
  • Position the applicator tip in the hair, against the skin in between the top of the shoulder blades.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the bottle as you release the contents of the bottle onto one single spot on your cats back. Do not spread in a line down the back, as this will lessen the potency of the product.

Side Effects

Frontline Plus is safe to use on kittens eight weeks of age and older and in most cases, as long as the medicines are administered correctly side effects should be minimal.

Most animals do not experience any negative side effects associated with the drug, however, you should know that it is common for some redness or irritation to occur at the application site.

If the redness does not clear up in a day or so, consider taking your cat to the vet for a checkup.

Some pets may also be hypersensitive to the active ingredients in Frontline, making an allergic reaction a possibility so take note if your animal suddenly develops hives or rashes and take them to the vet as soon as possible.

Application and Dosage

The information and directions listed on the box classify this flea and tick medication as a monthly treatment, however, studies have shown that the active ingredients in the Frontline brand will actually last longer than a month if applied as directed.

It is safe to say that you can go as long as a month and a half in between doses, which will actually save you money in the end.

Of course, if you see a return of fleas before that time, moving forward with the next dose will not be hazardous to the health of your pet.

Regardless of how many different types of flea and tick medications you have tried to help your cat, Frontline Plus may just be the perfect solution that is going to help you completely eradicate your cat’s infestation.

While you can purchase this medicine online, it is always important to discuss the addition of new medicines with your veterinarian who will have the ability to help you decide whether adding a new flea medication is right for your feline friend.

Remember to let them know about any previously existing health conditions or possible allergies to prevent serious ailments because of the medicine.

Frontline Spray Treatment 17-oz bottle 500-ml

Frontline Spray Treatment

Kills fleas and ticks on cats and dogs 8 weeks and older.

Frontline Spray Treatment gives your beloved pet proven relief and protection from the parasites that like to roam the pet world.

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