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Ingredients found in healthy cat food should consist mostly of meat and bone, considering that cats are "obligate" carnivores, even though domesticated for thousands of years.

An obligate carnivore has a much shorter intestinal system that does not have the enzymes and length needed to properly digest plant material.

Meat is easier to digest than plants due to plants possessing a structural carbohydrate called cellulose, which is hard to metabolize and something cats do not require for sustenance.

Cats also require an amino acid called taurine to maintain good health. Taurine is especially indispensable to a cat's eyesight, nervous system and cardiac functioning.

All raw muscle meats contain taurine but unfortunately, many domesticated cats do not receive sufficient amounts of this valuable nutrient because they are not provided with healthy cat food that supplies simple, fresh meat.

Cheap Protein

Generic cat food and even some name brand foods contain too much grain, especially corn, because it is an economical protein source as well as cheap filler.

The list of ingredients found on a bag or can of cat food usually refers to corn fillers as "ground corn", "corn bran", "corn gluten meal" or "corn germ meal" but it all indicates the presence of plain corn.

Veterinarians advise cat owners to avoid purchasing cat food that lists corn as one of the first ingredients since this indicates that a high "dry" weight of corn exists in the food.

Cats should receive protein from the meat they eat, not vegetables or grains.

Because their digestive systems are designed to break down and absorb all the vitamins and minerals they need from meat, adding more than minimal amounts of non-meat products to their diet only serves to deprive them of valuable nutrients.

In addition, cats often develop allergies to grains in the processed foods they are given by unsuspecting owners that may cause hair loss, dermatitis and respiratory problems.

What to Look for
in a Healthy Cat Food

  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals advises purchasing cat food that is a "complete, high-quality food manufactured by an established pet food company that has been approved by the AAFCO" (American Association of Feed Control Officers).
  • Because the government regulates what pet food companies can print on their containers, any pet food that has the words "complete and balanced" printed on the label is a healthier choice for your cat.
  • Check the percentage of the dry weight protein. If it is not 26 percent or higher, the food in question is not providing the amount of protein a cat needs.
  • The first ingredient listed on a healthy cat food label should be fish, beef, chicken or liver, not "meat by-products" or some kind of grain, soy or vegetable. 
  • Take notice of the mineral content. Cat foods that are too rich in minerals and lack sufficient water may cause urinary tract infections or problems with urine thickening to the point that the bladder becomes obstructed, creating a build-up of toxins in a cat's bloodstream.

Natural and Organic Cat Food

Iams Healthy Naturals Wgt Contrl Cat 5-lb bag

You may also want to take the time to healthy homemade cat food by purchasing whole chickens, beef or fish and grinding the meat and bone in a meat grinder.

Remember, cats are obligate carnivores and require only pure meat-based products and water to satisfy all of their nutritional needs.

Cat owners will find cat foods that do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives, fillers and generic by-products produced by such brands as Solid Gold, Innova and Wellness.

Websites offering these sometimes hard-to-find kinds of cat food are Petco, Pet Food Direct and Only Natural Pet.

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