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If you've ever looked online for Iams cat food coupons, you'll know how frustrating it can be!

There are genuine Iams coupons out there, all you need to know is where to look.... Many online searches result in sites with old coupon codes, some of them are years out of date!

Other sites are even worse; they tell you to click on a link to get your coupon. When you do it redirects you to some spam site telling you you've won a prize.

The good news is there are discounts to be found. So let's start saving you some money on cat food today.....!

Online Coupon Sites

Petfoodtalk.com - lists loads of up to date discounts, coupon codes and special sales going on at major pet food stores like Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supermarket and Pet Food Direct. You'll see the latest deals at the top of the page and as new deals become available the older offers will fall further down the page.

This site is great because it usually lists the expiry dates of all the coupons so you can easily see what's still available.

This site probably won't list individual Iams cat food coupons, but you may find general coupon codes to enter online and these can apply to any brand of cat food you want to buy.

Be sure to read the grey writing under each offer because this is the important information you will need in order to get your discount. Most offers are not 'clickable' so you'll have to go to the site yourself and then enter the coupon code, or simply shop for your cat food and the discount will be applied if it's still valid.

RedPlum.com - these are huge printable coupon listing websites and they have real deals! You have to go to the right category to see cat food coupons. If you hover over 'Grocery Coupons' then select 'Pets' you will easily find some coupons there.

Currently there's a PetSuperMarket $2 off coupon which can be used to save money on your favorite Iams cat food brand!

Iams Cat Food Coupons
at Official Websites

Iams Official website - it seems so obvious, but often the best genuine deals and coupons can be found on cat food manufacturer's websites.

These days cat food companies won't simply place all their coupons online, you'll have to sign up for their newsletter in order to get your hands on their offers. But it's free to join, so there's nothing to lose!

When joining a company's email/mail list it's likely that you will receive free coupons by mail or be notified by email about up and coming offers.

Large Cat Food Stores

Online Cat Food Stores - you don't have to get your local newspaper to find cat food coupons anymore. Many major pet food stores have a 'Local Ad' or 'Featured Ad' listing that shows you what offers they have right now. You may have to enter your zip code to get the best offers.

Here's a screen shot below showing a Local Ad listing from PetSmart.

Online cat food coupons

When browsing online cat food stores, be sure to look through all the pages, don't stop after the first page!

At PetSmart, their ads are often spread over 12 sheets - just like a real newspaper supplement.

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