Laser Cat Toy

laser cat toy

If you have ever watched your cat chase shadows or bugs, a laser cat toy will likely be the perfect addition to your cat toys and accessories collection.

This popular cat laser toy helps stimulate your cat, encourage playfulness, and improve mood – and the best part is that they are affordable enough that every cat owner can have one without breaking the bank.

While several different types of laser toys exist, choose the one that will be the best match for your pet.

The Benefits

While using your new laser toy with your pet is a fun activity for both of you, this kind of activity does hold several benefits for your furry family member.


As cats begin to age, they tend to become less active and much less motivated than they used to be. A laser toy can help stimulate playfulness in your cat and encourage them to be more active.

These toys direct rays of light on to surfaces for your cat to see and as you move the light, your cat’s natural reaction is going to be to try and ‘catch’ it. This type of toy can be a big help for people whose cats just do not seem interested in other types of toys.

Regular bouts of activity with your laser toy will promote muscle stimulation and weight loss for heavier cats, allowing them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Brain Stimulation

Using a laser toy with your pet will also help stimulate their brain and improve function. While it may appear that your cat is just chasing the laser, they are actually using their hunting and tracking instincts to try and catch their prey.

This type of play forces them to think on their feet and can improve brain function even in the oldest of cats. Stimulate their thought processes even more by ‘hiding’ the light so that they have to ‘find’ it.

An example would by placing the beam against a table leg or making it go ‘under’ the couch. Vary your approach to playing and watch as your kitty gets more and more creative every time.


Taking the time to play with your pet, every day – even for just a short while, is beneficial for both you and your cat. This special time allows your cat to associate you with fun and happiness – creating a tighter bond.

Regular play time with your pet will help improve your pet’s regular mood and prevent disorderly behaviors that are often the effect from feelings of neglect and loneliness.

Laser Toy Cat Toy
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Types of Laser Cat Toys

If you have decided that a laser cat toy is something you would like to try, several different types are available for you to choose from depending on your personal taste and the amount of interaction that you want to have.

Hand Held Pointers

Nearly everyone has seen this type of laser cat toy and it is very similar in style to a laser pointer that would come on a key chain or in a presentation kit.

It is a small utility with one button that, when pressed, directs a beam of concentrated light on a surface in the form of a small red dot that can be moved at whim.

Depending on the style and quality, this variety of a cat laser toy is available for less than ten dollars from many retailers.

cat laser toy

Shape and Color Changing Toys

If you have the budget to spend slightly more on your new laser cat toy, several models allow you to change the color of the laser as well as the shape of the beam that your cat will be chasing.

These models often contain fun shaped beams such as mouse or a fly for their fun and your entertainment.

Studies have shown that some pets are more attracted to certain colors and shapes and finding the right combination for your feline will enhance their interest tremendously.

If this type of toy is something you would like to consider, they are available through various retailers both online and in store for $30 or less.

Stand Alone Lasers

If you are looking to increase your cat’s activity level but do not always have the time to play with the laser cat toy yourself, products are available that require very little interaction from you whatsoever.

Certain models require that the owner can simply set up a small machine and walk away allowing your cat hours of undisturbed play without your having to attend to it every second. These models often project colored and shaped lights around a space utilizing different visual effects such as spinning or bouncing.

While they do require an occasional set of fresh batteries, these models are perfect for keeping your cat active even when you are on the go.

If you love your cat like part of your own family and want to provide them a fun activity to promote exercise and brain function, a laser cat toy may just be the perfect option for you.

Remember that when using your toy to never shine the beam directly into your pet’s eyes as this can cause damage.

Also, while daily activity is important, try to limit heavy play activity to 60 minutes or less each day to avoid strain and injury.

Laser Cat Toy
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