Litter Box Cover
Reduces Odor and Messes

Litter Box Cover

If you are always searching for ways to keep your home fresh, using a litter box cover is an easy way for cat owners to help reduce odors and messes often left behind when using a traditional litter box.

A cat box cover is available to suit nearly any type of litter box that you may own and do wonders for reducing the amount of time and effort needed to clean and maintenance your cat’s restroom.

It's an accessory that comes in a range of styles, created for the sole purpose of covering and disguising your cat’s litter box while also reducing the amount of mess and odors that come from it.

Covers are available that simply cover the top of the box or disguise it completely, allowing it to blend in with the rest of your homes decor.

Simple Litter Box Cover

Extra Giant Enclosed Cat Litter Box

If you are looking to make use of this variety of pet accessory but do not have a large budget to spend on it, a simple litter box cover is easy to find and affordable for nearly everyone.

These covers simply slip over the existing open top of your current litter box, enclosing most of the opening and leaving a smaller entry way in which you cat may enter and exit.

Some of the designs you may find are also elevated with the intention being for cats to stand on top of the cover and relieve themselves into the open area rather than to enter the actual box.

This type of box may take a bit of time for your cat to adjust to, so you may need to work with them a bit to help them get acclimated.

Dome Litter Box Covers

Kittyagogo Designer Cat Litter Box with Polka Dot Cover

If you are looking for a bit more sophisticated litter box cover for your cat's box, dome covers are definitely something you will want to consider. Dome covers sit on top of your litter box and often come with an accompanying round litter pan.

These covers have a small opening in the front and provide ample enough room inside for your pet to move around and do his business.

A dome cover also has high arched walls on the inside, which allows your cat to clean his paws from debris before exiting the litter box.

While this means that you may occasionally have to clean the inside of the dome, the dome is much easier to wipe clean than say, the carpet – where your kitty may have decided to clean his paws otherwise.

Camouflage Box Covers

Merry MPS006 Cat Washr00m/Nightstand Pet House

If you have a larger budget for purchase or you are looking for a cat box cover design that will easily match the design and decor of your home, a camouflage box cover is definitely an option for you. These covers come in a variety of models to meet your needs.

This type of accessory can be as simple as a decorative fabric cover or a box shaped cover with a small opening in a material such as wicker – which disguises the box as a piece of home decor.

If you’re looking to disguise your litter box while leaving it in plain sight, some camouflage covers also come in the form of actual furniture – for example, you can purchase a box cover that looks like a bathroom utility cabinet.

This type of model consists of real wood and doubles as an actual table.

Most models feature and cabinet inside with a door and a small entry hole for your cat’s convenience.

Place these models in your bathroom or pantry area to disguise your cat box as a beautiful piece of furniture. If you have indoor dogs as well, these accessories will help keep your other pets from finding and eating cat feces, which is a common problem.

Regardless of your budget, a cat box cover is a valuable accessory for any cat owner to have.

These simple devices allow you to hide your litter box while also reducing the odor they emit and the trail of mess that they often leave behind.

Incorporating one of these devices into your routine may come as a shock to your cat, so just be sure to have a little patience with them while they get comfortable with their new restroom facilities.

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