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Are Your Litter Scooping Days Numbered?

The cat Litter Robot is an automatic cat litter box. Fans of the device love it because it requires less work to keep clean than regular litter pans. There is no need to scoop out waste clumps by hand every day!

The Robot has a high-tech look to it with the main litter tray area being enclosed in a kind of globe shape.

The cat enters the globe, does its business and the device automatically rotates around, separating the waste from the litter and depositing it into an enclosed waste tray at the base. The clever thing about the LR is that when the cat enters the globe, it trips the device and after 7 minutes it begins the cleaning cycle.

If the cat re-enters within 7 minutes the countdown will start over.

Because all the waste is stored in a sealed tray, you may only have to empty it once per week. Simply remove the waste bag and throw away. Then add a fresh bag to the tray.

Video of LR Sifting Litter

See the LR in action and watch as it carefully sifts and sorts the litter from the waste inside the drum.

Why Use the Cat Litter Robot?

Robot fanatics love using the device for the following reasons - they would never go back to standard litter trays!

  • Eliminates daily litter scooping - this has to be the best thing about this machine. Save yourself the daily chore of scraping waste from the litter tray. With this machine you only have to replace the waste bag once per week on average.
  • Great to have if you go away on vacation. You can leave your house knowing that you won't have to return to an overflowing litter tray(s) or have to enlist the help of a friend or neighbor to clean the tray each day while you're gone.
  • Save 50% or more on the cost of cat litter. Because the Robot coats waste in litter and separates it from the remaining litter, you don't waste as much because less is used.
  • Less smelly - the device empties waste into a self-contained compartment at the base of the unit. This helps to confine smells to inside the device.
  • No need to hook up a water supply to the machine - unlike some other self cleaning litter boxes. All it requires is a power point nearby.
  • Great for multi-cat homes - the LR can accommodate multiple uses per day unlike a standard litter tray which will become full quickly. There's no need to have more than one litter tray.
The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box.

Why You Wouldn't Use It?

As with most labor saving devices, there are always drawbacks of some kind. These are the most commonly reported dislikes:-

  • The most negative reviews come from owners who have cats that are terrified of it and refuse to use it at all. If your cat is easily scared or skittish by nature this product might not be suitable for you. There is a 90 day money back guarantee - if you can't get your cat to use it, send it back and all you'll pay is the cost of shipping.
  • Makes a whirring noise when in operation. This could be a problem if you don't want to hear it running in your house. Also your cat might be frightened by the noise (even though it doesn't make noise while that cat is using it).
  • Cost - the cost may seem expensive. At around $340+ for the Litter Robot II it's not cheap. However, most cat owners should recoup the cost by not buying as much cat litter. In time the device will pay for itself.
  • Takes up more room than other self cleaning devices. You will need a bit more space to place the device in your home and leave enough space around it for it to safely operate.
  • Elderly cats and overweight cats may not be able to climb into the globe.
  • It is recommended that diabetic cats may not be suitable for this device. As diabetic cats tend to excrete larger amounts of urine - these may clog the inner workings of the machine and cause it to not work.

Litter Robot FAQs

Q. Can all cats use the Robot?

A. It's recommended that your cat weigh at least 5lbs before using the product. This is so the cat will be able to trigger the device to start the cleaning cycle. It's possible for cats less than 5lbs to use it, but you would have to manually trigger it.

Large cats should be able to use it without trouble. If you think your cat won't fit into the dimensions of the standard model, there is a larger 'Expanded' model available.

Standard model dimensions:-

  • Entrance hole: 9" high x 6.5" wide
  • Inside space is 20" at the widest point and 13-15" high depending on the amount of litter added.

The Expanded model has an extra window on the side of the device giving the cat more room for maneuver. It is available in grey, beige or black.

Q. Is there any special kind of cat litter I need to use?

A. No, just your normal clumping cat litter. It's not recommended to use non-clumping litter because it doesn't absorb the moisture as well as clumping litter and makes the process messy.

Q. My cat doesn't cover its mess, will this cause a problem?

A. No, the Litter Robot's rolling action will coat all deposits with litter during the cycle.

Q. Will I need any other accessories?

A. There a few additional items needed for the proper operation of the machine and many more that are available as optional extras if you choose to buy them.

Needed accessories:-

  • Bags/litter box liners (10 included) - these don't have to be the ones sold on the Litter Robot website; you can use any bags/liners that you would like to use. For best results use 10gal bags - 8gal and 12 gal bags will also work. Bio-degradable bags can also be used and are kinder to the environment too.
  • Carbon filters (included) - help reduce odors
  • Rubber seals (included) - go between the globe and the base of the Robot to prevent smells seeping through.
  • Clumping cat litter of your choice

Optional extras:-

  • Ramp/scratch pad - helping less agile cats get to the opening.
  • Robot cabinets - covers most of the device giving a neater appearance.
  • Lip - additional plastic lip that attaches to the entrance hole helping to catch urine and litter that doesn't fall within the confines of the globe. (May be included with purchase of Litter Robot II standard or Bubble models).
  • Fence - a plastic barrier that can only be fitted alongside the lip extender. The fence is intended to stop sprays of urine and litter from getting out of the box.
Q. Where can I buy the LR?

A. The LR is available from for US residents and at for European residents.

Q. Where can I read reviews?

A. Some user reviews are available at There's also a nice personal review by a LR owner here.

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