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Nutro Cat Food

Providing superior cat food to pet owners since 1926, Nutro Cat Food and products stand up to the highest quality standards and have been serving happy customers for more than 86 years.

If you are looking to make a change to a cat food that balances natural ingredients with innovative science, Nutro brand foods blends science, technology and superior nutrition to create a line of foods targeted to meet the needs of your furry feline friend.

A Little Bit of History

Originally owned by a British pet food retailer under a different name, the company switched ownership in 1926 and was renamed Nutro.

The company ran out of California, where it sold solely to local markets until a large expansion in 1976 allowed it begin retailing worldwide to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Canada.

To this day, the company refuses to rely on commercials and high dollar advertising to market their products, preferring instead to produce valuable and informative literature about pets’ dietary needs and the benefits of their products and circulate this information to both consumers and the brand’s potential in-store realtors as a means of educational marketing.

What Makes
Nutro Cat Food Stand Out?

The Nutro brand goes above and beyond the efforts of many of its competitors to produce a line of extraordinary cat food that both meets the dietary needs of your pet while also aiding it in living a long and healthy life.

The company believes that natural and nutrient rich products are always the way to go and they take great care in producing the foods that go into your pets tummies.

The company does its best to ensure that every product they sell is tasty and healthy for your family pet.

Nutro employs the most educated field scientists to help research the effectiveness of their ingredients and formulate the most nutrient rich combinations for their pet foods.

Nutro Products

If you have never purchased Nutro Cat Food before, the line offers two main sub-brands each with their own unique flavors and benefits.

Compare these two options to find a food that meets the needs of your pet and addresses the health benefits that you are looking to find in your cat’s food.

Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food

Nutro Natural Choice cat food comes in a variety of tasty flavors and nutrient combinations to meet the needs of your favorite feline. The line has 11 dry cat food options and 22 canned options that serve as a nutrient powerhouse for kittens, adult and senior cats.

Each type of food also addresses a range of health needs that may include weight management, skin and fur health, hairballs, immune health, bone and joint health, oral care and stomach sensitivity, with each food option addressing a different combination.

The line also has separate ingredient combinations for both indoor and outdoor cats.

Nutro Max Cat Food

Another sub-brand of the Nutro Cat Food Company, Nutro Max is a line designed with the pallet of even your most finicky pet in mind. A superior, nutrient rich line, Nutro Max has ingredient combinations for indoor and outdoor cats in all stages of life.

Also, similarly to Nutro Natural Choice, the line has a number of options for you to choose from that include 8 dry food varieties and 17 canned food options that address common health needs such as weight management, skin and coat health, hairball prevention, immune system and bone and joint health.

If you are looking to make a positive change in the life of your cat, start with making a small change in their diet.

Nutro Cat Food provides the most beneficial combinations of ingredients to prevent illness and keep your pet healthy and happy – no matter what stage of life they are in.

Nutro products are available online through various pet retailers and in-store across the country wherever quality pet foods are sold.

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