Purina One Cat Food
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Purina One Cat Food

The debate over the quality of Purina One cat food has increased in the last few years and the brand has done a lot to try and improve their image as a premium cat food range.

Admittedly the first and most prominent ingredient in each of the range is either chunks or dried portions of meat but beyond that Purina has been accused of using fillers such as corn and wheat that have no health benefits for your cat.

You have to look carefully at the list of ingredients to make sure you’re happy with what you’re feeding your cat.

Key Ingredients

The content of Purina One cat food has changed due to market pressures over previous years though some of their old stock is still being sold by some online companies.

You should check the ingredients list to make sure they no longer contain the following:

Corn gluten meal – this is made from ground up corn and is used in dry food to bulk out the kibble pellets.

Your cat is naturally carnivorous, however, and the gluten in the corn only serves to fill your cat’s stomach with carbohydrates without providing much nutritional value

Meniodone – this is essentially MSG for cats and is the reason why Purina One cat food always performs well in cat taste preference tests.

It can be linked to vitamin K deficiency problems in cats which is why newer versions of Purina no longer use this chemical.

Purina One Cat Food Varieties

Purina ONE Smartblend Customer Favorite Variety Pack Canned Cat Food 24/3-oz cans

Pound for pound, Purina One offers the highest meat and protein content in both dry and wet foods out of all of the major cat food manufacturers. This is due to the high meat content of their dishes and most of their products promises at least 32% protein from meat.

The Purina One range comes in a variety of typical cat food flavors, but you can also buy specific products to treat various ailments:

Hairball Formula – as the name suggests, this kibble helps your cat to break down hairballs, making them easier to purge and over time will reduce their frequency.

Indoor Advantage – indoor cats can be prone to massive weight gain as they eat the same amounts as outdoor cats without expending the energy running and climbing. Purina’s Indoor Advantage is a low calorie version of their regular cat food which will help indoor cats stay slim.

Urinary Tract Health – urinary tract infections can strike any cat, especially those who spend a lot of time outside. The causes of urinary tract infections are vast and largely unpreventable, but using this product from Purina provides levels of vitamin C and antioxidants which help to prevent infections.

Sensitive Systems – this product is targeted at cats with skin and fur problems and contains a mix of vitamins and minerals that help your cat to produce natural oils to keep them supple.

Overall, this premium cat food represents reasonable value for money. It is one of the more expensive brands on the market, but you get a lot of meat for your money.

They offer one of the widest ranges of age-related food with kittens, young cats and older cats all having their own carefully created cat food products.

The wet food gets better reviews than their dry food, but this can cause the price to go up even further. It’s worth checking with your local wholesale store to try and bring the cost down.

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