Remote Control Cat Toys

All cats love remote control cat toys because of the strong predation instinct they inherited from their wildcat ancestors.

Owners will witness predatory "play" behavior in kittens as soon as they are old enough to walk.

Chasing, stalking, batting, pouncing and grabbing--all kittens begin presenting these behaviors at two or three weeks old as a way of practicing for when they are adult cats and living without the comforting protection and ready supply of milk provided by their mother.

This honing of predatory skills is the reason why mature cats do not seem as interested in chasing, swatting and pouncing at moving objects as kittens are.

Since they have already perfected the art of hunting prey, they do not feel the urge to "practice" anymore.

Anyone who has raised kittens knows that most of a kitten's waking hours are spent on preying "practice". For kittens, just about all mobile items are fair game--including ankles, toes and feet.

Because a cat is fully mature at around three years old, your cat will probably get the most use out of remote control cat toys when they are young, unskilled and bursting with energy.

Remote Control Cat Toys

Items that move or "mimic" the quick, jerky movements exhibited by favorite cat prey like mice, squirrels and birds make irresistible toys.

You may discover that your feline even prefers certain cat toys, such as chirpy or squeaky bird-shaped soft toys or jingly "bizzy" balls they can bat and chase all over the kitchen floor. Strangely, you may also discover that your cat is actually afraid of noisy toys or toys that appear just too odd.

Before purchasing any battery-operated cat toys, try to find out if your cat is afraid of whirring or clicking noises that electric mice, rats and other rodents often produce when racing around on a hard surface.

Your cat may be just as satisfied with a piece of yarn, a catnip sock or your shoelaces!

Types of Remote Control Cat Toys


WARE makes a remote control action cat toy that allows the user to flop and flip a feather teaser from the comfort of his or her chair.

Which way it will move is unpredictable but the owner is in total control of when the toy decides to tease kitty into a frenzy.

WARE also makes a "Flying Fun" interactive cat toy that is a medium-sized plastic dome containing fake butterflies that fly crazily around inside the dome.

Cats can bat away at the remote controlled fluttering butterflies but cannot figure out how to seize any of the butterflies inside the dome.

Both of these cat toys are available at, as well as cat tunnels, catnip filled mice and bird feather teasers.

Radio Controlled Mouse

Electronic Remote Control Mouse make great cat toys because they can be manipulated outside over longer distances and look like the real thing.

Life-sized and made from realistic, textured rubber, these rodents have eyes that light up and bodies that can spin around as well as move forwards and backwards.

If you have predominantly indoor cats you can provide them with plenty of exercise with one of these expert kitty tormentors.

Ethical Cat Toy Remote Control Micro Mouse - 2300

Kids Toys for Cats

Anything that is small enough for your cat to stalk or bat around makes for an amusing fifteen minutes between you and your cat.

One of those tiny, remote-controlled cars that are about three inches long and dart around like a hyperactive, frightened mouse would definitely appeal to a cat's preying instincts.

Small, remote-controlled flying helicopters, remote-controlled "Air Swimmer" clown fish that hover in the air and electronic bugs that crawl across the floor are just a few of the remote control cat toys on which any young and eager cat would love to practice his predatory skills.

Remote Control Cat Toys
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