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Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin cat food comes in so many flavors and specialties that it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. With over 20 flavors, there is sure to be a flavor or flavors for even the most finicky cat around.

This brand has two main formulations of cat food, namely, wet canned foods and dry kibble. They also carry different lines such as the Selective Diet Line for cats who prefer certain types of foods.

The Selective Line has three types of food, namely:

1. Protein Preference is for those tabbies that love protein, which is just natural since they are obligate carnivores anyway.

2. Aromatic Attraction: Many cats are attracted to food by the smell, taste and texture and this is for those who love the smell of the food they eat.

3. Savor Sensation offers different textures and tastes, and cats love this combination.

What Makes
Royal Canin Cat Food Good?

This brand of cat food includes a number of ingredients that are specific to the brand as well as others for specific purposes. They are nutritionally sound so cats get the right amounts of what they need to grow, strive and be healthy.

In fact, the company’s website states that their product meets all the requirements of healthy nutrition, namely:

  • Providing energy by including carbohydrates and lipids 
  • Promoting healthy growth, that is, body development and maintenance: the right mix of proteins, minerals and vitamins are used
  • By helping to prevent a number of diseases, thanks to the ingredients that contain antioxidants and nutriceuticals
  • Some nutrients also have medicinal properties which help in the prevention and management of common feline ailments

Special Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin Feline Selective 34/29 Savor Sensation Dry Cat Food 2.5-lb bag

This brand has a food for just about any nutritional needs your cat may have.

Best of all, even within these special diets, you still have choices. Prescribed and specialized diets help protect against some feline illnesses, as well as speed the healing process and help in the management of some conditions.

Some of the special foods that Royal Canin offers are:

  • Digestive Special 33: This is ideal for older cats with digestive problems. Chicory, the main ingredient, helps the older cat to break down and absorb nutrients. 
  • Weight management: Some tabbies tend to gain a lot of weight especially as they get older and become less active. Controlling weight through diet is important for health reasons, and it can help to prevent illnesses such as diabetes. 
  • Ageing: Older cats will have different dietary needs from kittens and younger adult cats. The makers of Royal Canin are aware of this and include many different formulations just for this group.
  • Veterinarian Diets: Many vets prescribe foods from this brand for cats with special dietary needs. This line includes foods for calorie control, diabetes, dental health and for coping with allergic reactions.

These are just a few of the specialized diets that this brand puts out. If your cat has urinary tract problems, kidney problems or just needs a boost to get back up to speed, Royal Canin has a food for that.

It is highly likely that there will be a line of food for just about anything that may ail your cat.

You can buy select food for your cats based on their environments, that is, for indoor or outdoor cats, as well as foods made just for special breeds such as Persian or Siamese. The Early Care line comes with four types of food for young and growing kitties.

The wide range of different Royal Canin Cat Food lines on the market means that finding the ideal food for your cat should not be too difficult. Some of these foods will be more expensive than supermarket brands, but you love your cat and want the best food you can buy.

With so many different textures and flavors you will have so many choices to help keep your cat happy and healthy.

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