Science Diet Cat
Food Coupon

The best place to find a Science Diet cat food coupon is on the company's official webpage, where you can register free to find coupons ranging from $1 to $5 off your next purchase of a bag of dry cat food.

Online pet stores offering Science Diet merchandise may also provide coupons for pet food stamped with the Science Diet brand name.

Currently, the Hills Brothers website has $3 coupons for dry food containing ingredients that may reduce hairball formation in cats.

Because cats spend a good deal of their free time cleaning their fur of loose debris and hair by licking, biting and pulling at their coat, they will often be seen (and heard) coughing or vomiting until a small mass of fur is ejected from their stomach.

Before cats were domesticated, they had much shorter hair and were able to pass swallowed hair through their feces.

However, hundreds of years of direct breeding have produced cats with longer than normal hair that a feline's gastrointestinal tract cannot properly digest. As a result, this hair collects in the gut until it grows large enough to irritate the stomach, forcing the cat to eliminate the hairball by throwing up.

By using a Science Diet coupon for this special type of dry food, cat owners can help their long-haired cats discharge hairballs and save money as well.

Outdoor cats will eat fibrous grass in an attempt to self-medicate and rid the stomach of the hairball. Indoor cats that do not have access to grass may experience difficulty ridding their stomachs of hairballs.

Science Diet Hairball Remedy for cats contains the extra fiber necessary to facilitate hair ball elimination.

Prescription Diet Cat Food

Hills also manufactures a new prescription diet cat food containing ingredients meant to correct a dysfunctional thyroid They also offer a cat food coupon for $7 on a bag of dry Prescription Diet cat food that may improve a cat's energy and metabolism. Symptoms of thyroid problems in cats include:

  • Hyperthyroidism—cats exhibit signs of hyperactivity, unexplained weight loss and may suffer from chronic diarrhea when the thyroid excretes high amounts of growth hormones. 
  • Hypothyroidism—cats with underactive thyroids may have constipation issues, appear lethargic and gain weight rapidly.
  • Both conditions affect the quality of a cat's coat due to loss of vitamins through diarrhea or vomiting.

Once your cat shows symptoms of this condition it should begin on a regimen of prescribed medications -- and giving him Science Diet prescription cat food will help in the recovery process.

While hypothyroidism in rare in cats, over-active thyroid, or hyperthyroidism, occurs more frequently, which is why this special food is made with reduced amounts of iodine.

When feline thyroids produce too much iodine and they continue eating food with normal amounts of iodine, hyperthyroidism will potentially affect the cat's metabolism.

Find Science Diet Cat Food
Coupons on EBay

Cat owners who prefer feeding their cats with Science Diet can defray the cost of the food by searching for people auctioning off varieties of pet food coupons for a fraction of what they are worth plus a handling fee on EBay.

Another website called allows cat owners to interact with those who are looking to trade for specific pet food coupons.

Because Science Diet is more expensive than other brands like 9-Lives and Whiskas, finding a Hills Science Diet cat food coupons and being able to use one every time you need to purchase wet or dry food can potentially save a cat owner quite a bit of money.

In addition, it gives the owner a chance to try something new without having to pay full price for a different kind of food the cat may or may not eat.

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