Scoop Away Cat Litter
Odor Guard Technology

Scoop Away Cat Litter comes in different formulations to meet different needs, making it a popular choice for cat owners.

Scoop Away has a reputation of offering maximum clumping action, which makes cleaning litter boxes much easier.

It means that you have to empty the entire box once every four to six weeks, and between complete cleanings, you only need to add a little clean litter to top off the box every now and then to replace that which you scoop out.

Types of Scoop Away Litter

Five different types of this product are available, meaning that just about any cat owner will find a kind of Scoop Away Cat Litter that they like, such as:

Scoop Away Complete Performance - When it comes to all that the brand has to offer, the Complete Performance is the one. It is good for multi-cat households with its Odor Guard bacterial agents that help to control odor.

Scoop Away Multi-Cat - Made especially for homes with many cats, this formula uses anti-bacterial agents to control odor so you do not have to deal with offensive smells. It has a better clumping action so it is easy to clean up, which is an advantage when many cats are using the same litter box or boxes.

Scoop Away Fresh Scent - This version of the popular litter has a nice, fresh scent that is less overwhelming. It also clumps well so it is easy to pick up after the cat uses it.

Scoop Away Plus Crystals - Plus Crystals offers additional odor control with the use of odor-absorbing crystals along with the regular Odor Guard technology for better control.

Scoop Away Free - This product is for those people who try to avoid using products with chemicals and dyes, as this litter is unscented but it still has odor control. To neutralize odors, this special formulation prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria with the use of its anti-microbial agent utilizing the Odor Guard technology. In addition to not using fragrances, no dye is used in this formula.

Scoop Away Multi-Cat Scented Formula Cat Litter 25-lb box

Pros and Cons of Using Scoop Away Cat Litter

All of this brand’s litter options offer great clumping so that scooping and cleaning is a lot easier. However, like everything else, you should consider multiple factors about this brand of kitty litter, such as:

Allergies - Some users do not like the fact that it is not completely dust-free, which can be an issue with many cats and people who have allergies.

Fragrance - A few of the scented varieties can be overwhelming for some people, but luckily, the fragrance-free option is available.

Disposal - For the most part, these types of litter are not flushable and need to be properly discarded.

Allergic reaction - Some cats may experience an allergic reaction to the litter, so be mindful if you are switching to this litter after using another brand.

Scoop Away Free Unscented Clumping Cat Litter 25-lb bag

Since the safety of your cat friends is important, the ingredients in their kitty litter are also important.

One of the main ingredients in this clumping cat litter is clay-based sodium bentonite, which is responsible for the clumping action.

This is relatively safe but over time, some cats and humans can react negatively to silica dust. It is therefore important to keep an eye on your cats if you use any commercial litter for extended periods in the event they have any reactions to any of the ingredients.

If you have kittens younger than 8 weeks, talk to your vet before letting them use clumping litter.

Most of your feline family members will like using Scoop Away Cat litter and it will be an easier cleanup job for owners as well. As with many other products, you may need to try different formulations before deciding on which one you would rather use.

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