Soft Paws
The Best Cat Scratching Solution

Soft Paws

Soft Paws are the affordable choice when it comes to cat scratching solutions.

It's a humane alternative to de-clawing your cat.

The truth is, cats can be a bit hard on your furniture; destructive if not kept in check.

No one really likes the idea of disarming his/her pet and now there is a viable alternative.

Cat Scratching Solutions

It’s the age old battle, cat against house. You may have watched in frustration as your furniture piece by piece becomes shredded by the love of their lives.

People who have used Soft Paws have often already run the gamut of alternatives to de-clawing. They have tried things like cat scratching posts, clipping their cat’s nails, strips of adhesive, and sprays but none of them were effective.

At best, some of these methods were mediocre in succeeding to keep their cat from tearing up the house.

What They Are

soft paws cat claws

They are the safe humane alternative to completely disarming your cat by de-clawing him. They’re not difficult to apply and can easily be put on at home. They are vinyl nail caps that are glued on to your cat’s existing nails.

They look just like a cat’s nails and are tolerated by your feline extremely well. They are easy to apply. You just fill the nail cap with the provided adhesive and slip it over your cat’s nail.

Long Lasting

Once applied, Soft Paws will last 4 to 6 weeks. You don’t have to remove them yourself. They will fall off as your cat’s nails grow naturally. Each kit contains 40 nail caps so a kit should last your cat 4 to 6 months.

Check your cat’s nails periodically as sometimes one or two will just fall off prematurely and you can easily reapply them.

Most cats adjust within minutes but cats are fastidious groomers and sometimes will knock them off soon after they’re applied. Usually after about 30 minutes, they completely forget they are wearing them.

Putting Them On

Some cats can be very finicky and may not want anyone to touch or manipulate their paws so you might have to use a few tricks.

Catching your cat while he is very sleepy seems to work for some folks. You might also distract your cat with a favorite treat right after applying the nail caps. It serves as a reward for good behavior as well as a distraction to make him forget he’s got them on.

People tend to have more luck if they begin applying the nail caps when their pet is just a kitten. At that age they seem to tolerate them better.

They are completely safe. If your cat should accidentally swallow one he’ll just pass it on through his system harmlessly. The glue is also harmless if ingested.

The video below shows how you can apply them on your own, or with help from a friend.

Nail Caps for Other Pets

If you’ve got other pets at home who are wreaking havoc on your furniture as well, you can use nail caps for them too.

People also use them for dogs, ferrets, rabbits and iguanas. You will just have to adjust for the size of your other pets. For iguanas you will have to use the small dog size and trim them at the base for their shorter nails. Rabbits use small dog sized nail caps and ferrets will need kitten size.

Very Affordable

You can easily find nail caps on the internet for under $20, with a couple more dollars for shipping and handling. It’s a far cry cheaper than replacing your favorite recliner or your antique wooden dining room table.

Do Soft Paws Restrict
My Cats Behavior?

They go on each nail so they do not keep your cat from extending or retracting his nails as he would naturally do throughout the day. They also don’t prevent any other normal feline behaviors.

Your cat can stretch and scratch his favorite scratching post or piece of antique furniture with no damage to himself or items around the house that he likes to scratch.

cat with soft paws
Photo courtesy of R. Parviainen

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