Solid Gold Cat Food
With Nutritious Ingredients

Solid Gold Cat Food

As one of the first companies to offer holistic and natural pet food, Solid Gold cat food is also famous for using the innovative technique of "foil barrier" in packaging their dry pet food products.

Barrier packaging does not need flavor enhancers, chemical preservatives and keeps kibble fresh longer than traditional packaging.

It also retains the potency of nutrients that could deplete over time when kept in paper packaging.

Owner and founder of Solid Gold pet products is Sissy Harrington-McGill, who developed her idea for holistic pet food during a visit to Germany in the mid 1970s.

While there, she notices that German Great Dane dogs were healthier than American Great Danes and lives longer lives than their American counterparts.

After investigating possible reasons for this discrepancy, she concluded that the reason for this difference was nutrition-related and took samples of German dog food back to the U.S for examination by a research laboratory.

Results of the analysis revealed that German dog food contain less chemicals and more natural ingredients than American dog food.

This led her to develop the Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken dog food and eventually, the Solid Gold line of pet food and supplements.

About Solid Gold Pet Food

solid gold pet food

All dry and canned cat food is free of corn, soy and wheat fillers. Only beneficial fish oils containing omega fatty acids are used in making the food, oils like salmon and canola oil. Omega fatty acids are essential to cats and dogs for skin, fur and immune system health.

These fats may also reduce the risk of older animals developing cancerous tumors, kidney disease and high cholesterol.

Other natural ingredients found in Solid Gold pet food are:


Vitamins A, D3 and B12 supplements--the fat-soluble vitamin A is directly deposited into a cat's tissues because a feline's system is not able to process and convert beta-carotene into vitamin A, a nutrient necessary for eyesight and skin health.

Because cats are supposed to receive most of their vitamin D from consuming the bones and flesh of rodents and other wild, small mammals, cats need extra calcium to make up for what they lose by being domesticated.

Because the B vitamins are water-soluble, cats cannot store them in their bodies.

The constant elimination of B vitamins through urination means that a cat's diet should have a B12 supplement included in it. Signs of a cat showing a B12 deficiency are lethargy, poor appetite, bladder infection and dehydration.

Severe vitamin B deficiencies may result in cats experiencing seizures as well, which is why Solid Gold cat food maintains just the right amount of B vitamins in all its pet foods.

Ferrous Sulfate

Necessary for hemoglobin and myoglobin transport that provides all areas of the cat's body with adequate amounts of oxygen, ferrous sulfate (iron) is often lacking in a house cat's diet because they no longer having access to the natural meats on which the wild cat once subsisted.

When a cat does not receive enough iron in their diet, feline anemia may occur, a condition exhibiting symptoms similar to human anemia--extreme tiredness, nausea, breathing problems and lack of coordination.

Gluten Free Ingredients

No wheat or wheat-based products are found in Solid Gold cat food so that the potential for cats to experience allergic reactions to gluten is eliminated.

Research discovered that cats often develop allergies to foods that they eat regularly and since many department store brand cat foods contain wheat fillers, gluten has become one of the top ingredients causing allergic reactions in cats.

Symptoms of a gluten allergy are red, itchy ears, vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea and tummy rash.

Where to Find
Solid Gold Cat Food

Solid Gold cat food is usually not found in department or grocery stores, so cat owners can conveniently purchase canned and dry cat food from Pet Food Direct.

Solid Gold dry food for cats includes Indigo Moon All Life Stages and Katz-n-Flocken Lamb-Flavored cat food, while canned foods are the Whitefish, Chicken, Liver and Turkey All Life Stages and the Blended Tuna Canned cat food.

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