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Natural Wheat Cat Litter

Swheat Scoop

Founded by Vonnie, Mark and Mike Hughs in 1994, Pet Care Systems produces Swheat Scoop cat litter, a litter that is entirely wheat-based rather than clay-based or made from silica gel.

In addition to cat litter, Pet Care Systems also provides environmentally friendly bedding for rabbits, horses, birds and ferrets made of a wheat blend called waxy wheat.

Waxy wheat is not edible but it is high in starch, which makes it the ideal material to absorb, trap and clump litter box fluids.

Lightweight wheat pellets used in Pet Care Systems' cat litter are smaller than clay pebbles and contain enzymes that break down and reduce the strong ammonia smell associated with cat urine.

Most cats tend to find it easy to transition from clay or silica gel litter over to Swheat litter because of its softness and non-irritating odor.

Owners like wheat cat litter because it is 100 percent biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet or used as compost once any feces are removed.

In addition, wheat litter is not as dusty as clay litter and does not leave urine pools at the bottom of the box like silica gel litter does if not changed often.

Benefits of Wheat-blend Cat Litter

Eliminates odors naturally using wheat enzymes that, when introduced into the human body in the form of gluten, aids in food digestion and metabolization.

As an integral part of Swheat cat litter, these enzymes facilitate biochemical reactions among the odorous bacteria in cat feces that degrade and reduces the intensity of olfactive molecules.

Permits easy scooping due to the ability for super absorbent, starchy wheat pellets to absorb and form compact clumps. 

Decreases dust and tracking through the house. Because wheat-based litter is so light, it does not stick to cats' paws like clay or silica gel.

Even the most energetic feline diggers will not track this naturally deodorizing litter through their home simply because it does not get stuck in between toes or pads.

How to Use Swheat Scoop
Natural Wheat Litter

Swheat Scoop Multi Cat Natural Clumping Cat Litter 40-lb bag Swheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter 14-lb bag

For the best results, keep at least three to four inches in your cat's litter box for optimal odor control and clumping.

Scooping twice daily is usually enough for one cat but multiple cats needs multiple scooping throughout the day, especially is they are strictly indoor cats.

One tip is to spray the bottom of the litter box with a non-stick cooking spray like Pam. This keeps clumps from sticking together or sticking to dry, clean litter.

If you do not have any cooking spray available, you can substitute the spray with wax paper or spreading a couple handfuls of baking soda before placing Swheat Scoop cat litter in the box.

Some owners mix clay litter with Swheat litter when transitioning their cats over to this new litter. Make the changeover as smooth as possible by putting a few inches of Swheat into the bottom of the pan, then adding one inch of the clay litter to which your cat is accustomed.

This way the cat can dig, cover his business and not be startled by a sudden change in the litter. Keep repeating this process using less and less clay litter each time the box cleaned and eventually, you will be able to use nothing but Swheat.

While cats will not be attracted to the Swheat scoop litter as an edible, dogs may be interested in nibbling on the pellets.

If you have a dog and you notice him or her trying to eat the litter, place the box where the dog cannot access it. Although eating a small amount of clean wheat litter is not toxic to animals, too much may cause gastrointestinal disturbances like constipation or stomach ache.

Online stores carrying Swheat cat litter include Pet Food Direct, Only Natural Pet and Petco.

Bag sizes available are 14, 25 and 40 pounds, with a few department stores carrying Swheat Scoop in 12 or 15 pound boxes.

Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter

Swheat Scoop Lightly Scented Natural Clumping Cat Litter 14-lb bag

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