Unique Cat Beds
for a Cozy Nap Time

Unique Cat Beds

The diversity of cozy, elaborate unique cat beds available reflects the concern and love we feel for our cats.

Although cats can transform just about any spot into a functional place to sleep, we prefer to provide them with plushest, warmest beds for their napping pleasure.

Before buying a cat bed, determine your cat's preferences regarding naptime so you give him the kind of bed he will use.

Some cats like to burrow under sheets, blankets and even throw rugs while others like to snuggle into an area in which he feels safe and protected but not covered up.

"Nesters" are cats that prefer unique cat beds like cat hideaway beds and other soft enclosures that have only one entrance and exit.

"Burrowers" like to hide under your bed covers and create that strange lump in the middle of your otherwise flat, perfectly made bed in the middle of the day.

Fortunately, cat beds that are blankets and beds all in one are made just for those burrowers who would otherwise refuse to use a conventional cat bed.

Other things to consider prior to purchasing a cat bed are:

  • If your cat is not yet fully grown, will the bed fit him when he is full sized?
  • Is the bed made from washable, non-toxic material?
  • Will the bed accommodate your cat's preference for stretching out or curling up when in sleep mode?
  • Will the bed fit the area in which your cat likes to sleep?
  • Does the bed contain any wool material? Cats like to chew and sometimes swallow wool, which can cause gastrointestinal problems like vomiting and constipation.

For cats that have claws, heavier unique cat beds may stimulate their urge to pick and scratch.

Cats scratch as a way of marking their territory (they have sebaceous glands in the pads of their feet) and to shed the outer layer of their claws. It is almost like giving them a self-manicure and it just plain feels good!

Beds made from microfiber fabric may inhibit scratching because the material is so smooth and soft.

Cats like to scratch items in which they can really sink their claws and pull and pick to their heart's content. Microfiber does not contain the "threadiness" that furniture upholstery contains, which makes for one disinterested cat that would rather pick on something more substantial.

Types of Unique Cat Beds

Cheese wedge bed house - made by Vo-Toys, this cat bed is shaped and colored like a wedge of cheese and includes an opening on top and on the side for quick access when the nap bug bites your cat.

This bed is almost 18-inches long and 10-inches tall, plenty of room for the "nester" and is made from lightweight foam for maximum comfort.

Cat aficionados can purchase four-poster beds made from solid ash or cherry wood that look like a traditional human bed. Mattress "pads" are usually made from fleece and have zippered ends to the filler can be removed for easy clean-up.

Cat beds can also be simple and flat, like windowsill perches that are equipped with heating units and Velcro fasteners for quick installation that does not require any tools. Some offer an orthopedic surface for cats that like to doze off while watching birds in addition to washable covers and sturdy designs meant to hold even the heftiest of cats.

Cat Pod Beds

PetSmart offers "pod beds" that provide a cave-like security even burrowers might find appealing.

Features of these beds include:

  • Microfiber interior pads that are washable and reversible
    Stand erect pods that are made with a soft, molded foam laminated with fabric on all sides
  • Frames constructed with heavy-duty steel
  • Raised platform satisfies kitty's need to "look down" and feel secure
  • Come with a removable top
  • Dimensions are 17-inches wide by 16-inches deep by 19 inches in height
  • Bedding area is five feet deep and 15 inches in diameter
  • Easily accommodates cats up to 13 pounds

PetSmart also has other unique cat beds for sale like the Ware Seagrass N Burlap Cat Bed, Thermo Kitty Bed Cabin Heated Cat Bed and much more.
Unique Cat Beds

Unique Cat Beds
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