Whiskas Cat Food
From Kittens to Seniors

Whiskas Cat Food

Whiskas cat food brand includes both dry and canned foods, which makes it popular with many cat owners. The brand carries food for both indoor and outdoor cats.

The products are firstly broken down into three categories, that is, life stages since nutritional needs changes over time.

Kittens will need more energy food than do senior cats that are not as active. Like humans, they are especially prone to illnesses such as diabetes and other problems.

The life stages are:

  1. Kitten: This stage is from birth to 12 months
  2. Adult: In general this stages starts at 12 months
  3. Senior: At about 8 years old, a cat moves into its senior stage of life.

Some available foods in the line cater to cats depending on whether or not the animal is pregnant or nursing. Additional products are for hairball control and weight management.

Whiskas for Kitten helps them grow and develop properly by providing all the nutrients necessary for this phase. Ingredients such as DHA encourage brain development, while extra protein promotes lean muscle development.

Additional calcium enables the development of strong bones and teeth.

What’s in Whiskas Cat Food

Like most other types of cat food, this brand pays attention to nutrition. The products include protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.

Some ingredients have dental benefits leading to stronger, healthier teeth. Common ingredients in Whiskas include animal protein, corn, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Manufacturers of the brand create the formula using the Total Health System program to ensure that the correct percentage of nutrients for maximum health is always present. The introduction of foods high in antioxidants provides extra health benefits.

Ingredients in Whiskas Meaty Rich Selection line are poultry by-product meal, ground yellow corn, corn gluten, animal fat, and taurine as well as vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are common in most flavors from the company.

Flavors of Whiskas Cat Food

Whiskas Savory Pate Salmon Dinner in Sauce Cat Food Tub 24/3.5-oz tubs

The variety of flavors of Whiskas cat food means that most cats will find a taste or more that they love. Wet cat food flavors in trays are:

  • Savory salmon
  • Chicken and liver
  • Whitefish and tuna
  • Tender beef
  • Turkey and giblets

The canned foods come in over six flavors, while pouches have an additional 12 flavors.

This makes it easy to find something for your tabby no matter how picky an eater. Foods in pouches come in two textures to help those cats that choose foods based on texture rather than taste and smell. Real fish, chicken and beef protein rather than by-products are the main ingredients in pouch packs.

Tabbies also have a number of snacks and treats from Whiskas that are ideal for cats of all ages.

One such is Catmilk Plus, which has a formula that prevents lactose intolerance so common in older cats. This drink has no artificial flavors or coloring and best of all, contains the vital amino acid, taurine. This amino acid is important for cat health, especially heart and eye health.

Other treats include Whiskas Functional Treat – Dental Care, Functional Health – Joint Care and Functional Treats – Indoor. The indoor formulation helps to control litter box odor as well as minimize hairballs.

The brand‘s website lists the five main functions of their cat food as it relates to the health and development of cats.

These are:

1. Acting as structural components of the body, that is, helping to meet the kitty’s nutritional needs
2. Maintaining metabolism
3. Regulating body temperature
4. Enhancing the food’s flavor
5. Supplying vital energy

This food comes in three convenient containers, namely, cans, pouches and trays. Trays make it easy to feed your cats without needing to spoon it into a separate container.

Whiskas cat food is a favorite with many cat owners.

While it is true that some cats can have allergic reactions to this food, the same thing is true of lots of other brands as well. If you want to change to Whiskas from another brand, make the switch gradually.

That is, mix the old and new food together, while gradually increasing the amount of the new brand over time.

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