Wicker Cat Bed
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Wicker Cat Bed

A wicker cat bed is just one of a variety of sleeping options for our kitties.

These have been a favorite of pet owners and their cats for ages. Cats seem to love the smell and the texture of wicker, so be prepared for some kitties to use them as scratching posts as well.

Apart from providing a nice place for kitty to sleep, a cat bed helps keep cats off the furniture.

Some pet owners are concerned about the risk of damage to their furniture by their pets.

How to Choose a Bed

Choosing the right sleep furniture for your cat depends on what your cat likes. It’s interesting, but some cats like tight spaces where they can curl up when sleeping, others like more roomy accommodations.

If you are using a wicker cat bed, you will have to keep this in mind when choosing the size and shape. If your tabby is playful and likes to hide, finding a nicely designed bed that can act as a hiding place makes sense.

Due to the various shapes and designs possible with wicker, getting a custom designed bed is relatively easy.

When choosing a sleeping place for your kitty, remember that like us, they like being warm in winter and cool during the summer. That means any material that you use on their beds must make this possible.

Wicker is a wonderful material as it can work well for both temperature extremes.

Some things to keep in mind to help you select the right bed for your cat include:

  • It should be comfortable: No matter what type of sleeper your kitty is, comfort will always be the main concern
  • It must be safe: You do not want anything that can harm your pet in anyway. Beds with parts that can become loose and cause choking are a no-no. If possible, it is best to avoid those types with paints and dyes as well.
  • It must be easy to keep clean; otherwise, you will have odor problems.
  • Since it will be in your home, it should ideally be attractive.

Caring For a Wicker Cat Bed

cat sleeping in Wicker Cat Bed

Like any other piece of furniture, you will need to take care of your kitty bed if you want it to last.

One sure-fire way to cause damage to this bed is to put it in direct sunlight. Minimize exposure to any other kind of heat sources such as fireplaces as much as possible.

Heat not only dries out wicker, it also causes the material to break down and disintegrate a lot quicker.

The kitchen is a popular place for placing their baskets especially in cold months, but be mindful that grease also helps to destroy these works of art.

You will also need to wash the pillows or other soft material you use as liners to keep them smelling nice and fresh. Many cat owners have more than one pillow for their kitty beds.

When it comes to cleaning a wicker cat bed, using a duster or a small vacuum is a good way to go. This will not put too much stress on the material of the basket. Periodically cleaning with a damp rag is also good for removing stuck-on dirt and other hard to clean off gunk.

Many of us cat lovers like using a wicker cat bed, not only because our kitties love them, but also because they are stylish. With the wide variety of styles available, they can add a decorative feel to any room, even if a little effort is necessary.

You can add color by using pillows for your tabby to curl up on when resting. To get your cat to use the bed, consider the best place to put it.

It is hardly likely that kitty will want to sleep in a noisy spot.

Your bedroom floor is a good place if you like having your tabby with you at nights.

Wicker Cat Beds
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