World's Best Cat Litter
All Natural Corn Litter

World's Best Cat Litter

While it makes a large claim with its name, World's Best cat litter is highly rated among its customers.

The brand’s name is deliberately aimed at causing debate and a little controversy but the cat litters are well researched to meet the needs of indoor cats.

It aims to address the usual problems of poor clumping, odor control and softness by using whole kernel corn.

Whole Kernel Corn

Whole kernel corn contains natural odor neutralizing properties and built in absorbency that will cope with all but the weakest bladders.

The patented formula means that each litter granule has thousands of small pores making it super absorbent which in turn traps the associated odors.

World’s Best is currently the only cat litter on the market that uses whole kernel corn as the basis for their litter. This is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional clay clumping litter, which doesn’t biodegrade.

The corn is responsibly sourced and can be replanted meaning that the whole operation only needs a small number of acres on a yearly basis.

Drawbacks of Corn

Using corn has many benefits as a source of cat litter, but concerns have been raised over the use of various chemicals to protect and produce the corn.

Of these, aflatoxin can be harmful for the respiratory systems of both cats and their owners. The corn litter doesn’t raise dust when you pour it in to the litter tray but the toxin is released slowly over time.

The best way to get round this is to make sure you change the litter regularly.

Different Formulas of the
Worlds Best Cat Litter

One of the key differences that set World's Best cat litter apart from the rest is that they offer three very different litter formulas.

Each one targets a specific home set up and you may find it useful to investigate the different options when you’re selecting your litter.

The three formulas are:

Clumping Formula

This is the basic range which targets homes with a single cat.

The litter is not scented or perfumed as World’s Best assumes that owners will only need to clean the tray once a day.

The granules are smaller so that your cat can bury their waste on numerous occasions which means that the litter will last for longer.

Multiple Cat Formula

World's best cat litter offers a separate range of litters that targets homes with more than one cat.

Shared litter boxes often cause problems as cats are usually very protective around their personal waste space.

The multiple cat formula uses natural plant extracts to enhance the odor control so that each cat feels that they’re stepping into fresh unused litter.

Scented formula

Available in both clumping and multiple cat varieties, the Scented Clumping Formula  is aimed for cat owners who can’t stand the smell of used litter or who have many cats creating a lot of waste.

The litter is lightly coated in lavender oil which is hypoallergenic and doesn’t register on a cat’s scent radar.

The only downside is working out if the litter has actually been used.

World's Best cat litter is still a fairly new brand on the cat litter market but the initial customer response is that while the product is more expensive than the clay based alternatives, the absorbency of the corn means that the litter can last for longer.

Using the corn as a main ingredient means that the litter does biodegrade over time, so if you have a compost bin you can reduce your household waste even further.

It will be worth buying smaller packs of both the scented and unscented litter to work out which one works best for both you and your cat.

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