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Wysong Cat Food

Since its inception in the 70s, Wysong cat food has taken a very different approach to feeding cats.

They definitely fall into the premium range but unlike many other cat food suppliers, Wysong aims to match the ancestral dietary habits of your cat as closely as possible.

Domesticated cats are at the bottom of a large and varied family tree of felines all of whom are born hunters and are carnivores. Wysong’s main concern is that by feeding your cat with the wrong sorts of food can impact negatively on their health.

A Different Approach from
Wysong Pet Food

To Wysong, you’re not being fair to your cat if you feed them food that is largely grain or corn. This is the case with many leading cat food brands, even the ones that brand themselves as premium.

Each can of Wysong cat food is made with 99% meat and they seek to get the best mix of muscle, tendon and organ as your cat would find in their prey.

The only reason why they don’t promote 100% meat is that your cat would naturally digest small amounts of plant in the stomachs of their prey so the remaining 1% is made up of the nutrients your cat needs that aren’t found in meat.

The dry versions of the Wysong cat food follow the same principles. In the wild, your cat would only eat raw, uncooked meat and so their digestive tracts are well suited to cope with unprocessed food.

When companies turn meat into dry kibble, many of them use heat to compress the meat.

Wysong prefers drying and crushing methods and promises an impressive 52% protein content in each of their brands of dry food.

A Varied Diet of
Wysong Cat Food

Wysong Gourmet Chicken Feline/Canine Diet 24/5.5-oz cans-

Another key point in the Wysong philosophy is that any animal should have a varied diet. In the same way that in the wild, your cat would not hunt down the same animal repeatedly, it seems unfair to feed them the same kind of meat every single day.

This is why many vets recommend mixing up the meat sources in your cat’s food.

However, at Wysong, they also believe you should change the type of food you feed your cat, so they sell packs with multiple food types with recommendations as to what you should feed and when.

A typical pack might include:

Archetype – the name stems from the belief that the meats form the archetypal cat diet in the wild, so you’ll find chicken, pheasant and liver in the main ingredients. You can opt for cans of wet food, or dehydrated packs for ease of storage. You simply add water to make a sort of stew which your cat will devour.

Amergen – after a life time of eating processed food, your cat may take some adjusting to eating pure meat. The Amergen range contains just lamb and rice with no added extra minerals or dairy products. Wysong recommend using this once a day as you start the transition to Wysong products.

Vitality – this product is specifically targeted at adult cats over one year old and includes increased levels of amino acids and essential fats to maintain your cat’s growth and suppleness as they progress through adulthood. Wysong recommends using this food once a week as a health booster.

All of the Wysong cat products are available in canned, packaged and dry food forms and you’ll get the same nutritional expertise in each format.

You’ll find that you’ll pay a little more for their products due to the high meat content and the alternative preparation processes, but the idea is that you’ll see an increase in your cat’s health which should reduce vet bills in the long run.

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